Blind puppy without a paw who waited 10 years to be adopted is now the happiest dog in the world

A little dog named Tofu shows the world that hope should never be lost, because with his story he motivates us to always keep hoping for the best in life.

Sometimes we know stories about people who have had to go through different trials in their lives but at the end of the day fate seems to reward them in one way or another, because this kind of happy endings happen and not only in the lives of humans, but of different creatures and one of them is the good Tofu.

This 14-year-old blind puppy finally knew happiness.

Before being known as Tofu, the puppy was called Estabanado and lived in a shelter of the Animal Welfare Coordination of the municipality of Araraquara, in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

The dog arrived at the shelter after being rescued from the clutches of an abusive owner who hurt him mercilessly.

Like all dogs that are given a second chance, the rescuers hoped to find a good family for the dog, but the matter was not so simple.

The outlook for this little fella was not looking good, as most people prefer to adopt healthy puppies. But poor Tofu is a blind puppy and his years had brought him other complications as well.

It was hard to find someone to love him despite his old age and blindness.

The caretakers at the shelter were very fond of the little dog, although they always knew it was imperative to find him a home. What they wanted most of all was to give him a chance to meet a real family before he left this world.

Tofu deserved to know love like any other creature.

As if his condition wasn’t difficult enough, a few years ago this canine underwent an operation in which one of his paws was amputated due to a tumor.

Every day he spent in the shelter, the chances of Estabanado’s survival diminished.

But divinity has rather curious ways of manifesting itself.

It turned out that at the end of the day the dog’s old age and painful history were the hook that made someone decide to open the doors of his heart.

According to Carolina Mattos Galvão, director of the shelter, one day she received a call: someone wanted to meet the oldest dog in the place.

And there was no one older than Estabanado.

That generous soul was dog trainer Danila Molinari, who at 39 years old was determined to give a doggy grandpa a chance.

What Danila didn’t expect was Estabanado’s heartbreaking story.

As soon as she visited him, the woman was smitten and felt that it was the good dog who had come into her life to make one of her dreams come true.

“I always had a dream of adopting a disabled dog, an elderly dog and a deaf dog. When I asked her which was the oldest dog in the shelter, I didn’t imagine that he would also have a visual and physical disability,” said Danila.

Once the adoption was finalized, the dog changed his name to Tufo and, together with his new family, this little dog is writing a new story.

“It was an indescribable feeling, something magical. I knew I wanted this, but I didn’t know it would be this good. He is very cuddly, he sleeps like an angel, he doesn’t bump into things anymore. My family is happy, he is happy, it is gratifying to have him here,” said Danila.

For all those who believe that life ends when you reach old age, we must tell them that all is not lost. No one knows when true happiness comes, but in this particular case we are glad that it has finally arrived, and in the least imagined way.

Danila’s decision is to be applauded, because she gave herself the opportunity to love a being that others had never even looked at.

Tofu is now a dog full of love and this woman became his angel, remember that older dogs deserve to be happy too, adopt them!

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