Brave cop risks everything to save life of critically endangered bald eagle

There is nothing more comforting to the human spirit than doing good, especially when helping the most vulnerable beings that have been subjected to the worst treatment at the hands of mankind for practically their entire lives.

One of the species that have been most affected by man are the emblematic bald eagles that, for a long time, had to stop flying the skies to take refuge in the most desolate places in order to save their lives.

Gradually, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many of the little animals have felt confident enough to go out again and return to their natural habitat. However, they still need the help of good people in certain situations.

Bald eagles can grow up to 2.5 meters tall.

Just as a police officer named Bryan Whalen did in Orange County on March 17 while on his usual patrol in the area.

Unexpectedly, a driver came across a terrible scene: a bald eagle was in bad shape on ST-17 in Blooming Grove. Without hesitation, he called Police Officer Bryan for help and he immediately rushed to the scene.

A Warwick Valley Animal Rescue also arrived on the scene to help the impressive bird. But it was crucial to get in contact with the animal, without scaring it, in order to rescue it.

That was Officer Whalen’s job. He approached the eagle as friendly as possible, to let it know that he meant it no harm and, after gaining its trust, he managed to get it into a box so that it could be transported safely.

The work of this good officer helping the eagle, despite not having specialized training in it, has not gone unnoticed in his department or by thousands of people. He has been hailed as quite the hero without a cape.

“Job well done by Officer Whalen!” acknowledged the police department where the officer works.

Subsequently, it was Department of Environmental Conservation Officer Nicole Duchene who transported the eagle to a rehabilitation facility located in New Paltz, approximately 30 miles away.

The eagle will remain at the department until it makes a full recovery and can safely return to its natural habitat, having proven that more good people are trying to make the world a better place for all living things.

Many bald eagles have lost their lives unjustly, it is time to change so they can be free.

“I hope that actions like these motivate everyone to help, I would do it for the animals!”, said an internet user.

There is no doubt that, between all of us, we can make great changes that benefit Nature and all humanity in general.

Help raise awareness, so that more people dare to be friends of Nature. Don’t leave without sharing.

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