Brave Husky discovers a box full of abandoned kittens and adopts all of them

Dogs are the most loyal, faithful, brave, supportive and helpful of dogs, as is a service husky named Banner.

She is quite the heroine. This beautiful husky not only cares for her handicapped owner, Whitney Braley, she was also responsible for saving the lives of 7 newborn kittens, who had been left to die in a box in the middle of the woods.

Banner couldn’t pass by when she saw the helpless lives in danger.

Whitney knew something wasn’t right when her little support dog became very nervous.

Banner began to tug at her owner’s dress as they stood in front of her home in Menlo, Georgia, and she allowed her pet to guide her, to find out what was so troubling her.

Desperate, the husky dog alerted her owner to the box with lives inside.

Banner is trained to alert others when her owner is suffering from an anxiety attack or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and can even bring her medications.

“She alerts on PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, migraines, impulse extraction, medication retrieval, self-injury interruption and a few more,” said her owner.

The woman, who is a mother of 3, was surprised to see Banner lead her into a forest very close to the house. Whitney was stunned when she noticed her little dog speeding toward an abandoned cardboard box and start circling, very distressed, around it.

She wanted to warn her with all her might that they had to do something to save them.

Whitney approached the box to see what was inside and as soon as she removed the lids, Banner threw his head inside, grabbing a newborn kitten with his mouth and carefully pulling it out.

His owner saw that at the bottom were six more kittens.

When the cats were discovered, they looked very frail and weak. They didn’t make a sound, so Whitney thought for a moment that they were dead. The box was hermetically sealed, which leads one to believe that the person responsible for this abandonment believed they would not be discovered, and that the kittens might die without anyone noticing after a few days.

Banner’s owner resolved to take the little kittens home. From their appearance, she deduced that they would be no more than a day old. Once they were safe, her dog behaved like a real mother: she groomed the kittens with care and never left their side for a moment.

Banner’s attitude throughout the morning of the rescue had given Whitney a hint that something wasn’t right. Like a good support dog, the husky is submissive and obedient, but Banner had been behaving very strangely: she seemed anxious, worried and not paying attention to her owner’s commands.

“She wasn’t listening to me when I was telling her to come, and that’s not like her, as she’s always very well-behaved. I knew something had to be wrong. She was really distressed. Banner always wanted to go into the woods nearby, and she finally started tugging at my dress.” Whitney explained.

Now the seven lucky kittens have all the care they need. Whitney is waiting for them to reach the right age to be adopted, in the meantime, Banner has a lot of work to do, as he not only cares for and helps his owner with the same affection and selflessness as always, he also watches over his seven newborns, as if they were his own babies.

Banner not only assists her owner, she loves to help every human and animal in need.

“We rescue a lot, and she is always attached to the kittens. Two years ago I had my first bottle-fed kitten that was found in a ditch, and Banner fostered her. That particular cat still lives with us, but over the years she has raised at least ten different litters of kittens. This is the first time she’s encountered something like this.”

Every day we get to see more canine heroes helping others with their huge hearts! I wish we humans were more like them.

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