Broken dog who thought no one cared about him, hung his head in shame and clung to the woman

A puppy, later named Yukon, wandered the streets alone and ashamed, thinking it was the end of his life. But when a woman met him, everything changed…

The life of stray dogs is full of misfortunes, every day for them is a great battle where the biggest enemy is the indifference of human beings.

These helpless beings wander the streets, many on the verge of death, begging to find some food or an angel who sees beyond their skeletal bodies and gives them a chance to change their lives.

This little dog was malnourished and had a serious mange problem.

Yukon wandered from place to place with his head down, truly embarrassed by his condition. Was it his fault? But the humans made him believe he was unlovable. At that point, he was skin and bones, most of his body was full of mange.

His poor condition made people ignore him, some even came to think he was a coyote.

He wasn’t used to caring about anyone. That lack of love and care really hit him hard.

The first time a woman named Caitie saw him eat, her heart broke.

But in reality, he wasn’t a coyote, he was just a sad, dying dog, completely shut down waiting for the end of his nightmare. To say he was in bad shape was an understatement.

Fortunately, an angel appeared in his life and saw him with eyes of love leaving aside his appearance.

Caitie was the woman who took him in. The first day he arrived at his new home, all Yukon did was sleep, and how could he not, if he had slept on the streets for a long time.

With wagging tails, Yukon was grateful for his first toy.

Exhausted and in a delicate state of health, the sweet little dog stretched out in the arms of his rescuer, he knew he was in good hands, so it was only a matter of time before he began to recover.

Despite having suffered a lot on the streets, he revealed himself to be a very sweet and playful puppy.

He would sweetly pet his mother as if to say “Thank you”.

Yukon’s recovery was slow but satisfactory, with a lot of patience, but above all a lot of love, Caitie complied with the treatment to fight the mange and fed him well so that he would gain weight.

After a few days, the sweet little dog was feeling well enough and was introduced to the rest of the furry members of Caitie’s family.

Watch his amazing transformation and don’t forget to help the most vulnerable.

Luckily, his new friends were very kind to him and within minutes they formed a beautiful bond.

“It was like they understood that he had been through so much and could really use a backpack of love to cover him!” said Caitie about the loving welcome her dogs gave Yukon.

Caitie decided to put Yukon in pajamas to protect his fur, within weeks his fur began to grow and his transformation stirred his mother’s heart with joy.

A gesture of love that changed her life forever.

Yukon is already enjoying his new home and the love he will receive from a family that loves him unconditionally, he is very happy, he does what he loves the most and above all he loves to hug his favorite person.

We are happy that he has found a person who saw beyond his appearance and the marks left on his body by the ravages of neglect and abuse.

Undoubtedly, only love can transform the world. Dare to change the life of a street dog, they will repay you with much more love than they receive.

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