Cat missing an eye and a nostril begs for just one chance

Adopting a cat is one of the most beautiful gestures a person can make for the sake of so many felines that need a family to protect them and give them their love. But it is not always easy, especially for those who are born with a physical characteristic that some people consider unaesthetic.

This cat had a sad past but his life was about to change.

That’s what happened to the feline Eggbert for a long time. The tabby kitten came into the world with a face that was as cute as it was different, but his physical difference was outweighed by other qualities he had in spades.

The Fairfield Area Humane Society (FAHS) in Ohio rescued the little guy and from the moment he arrived at their facility they realized how sweet and charming he is.

The pictures reflected the feline’s wonderful personality and the sweetness he exuded.

FAHS was determined to find a good human who would recognize the cat’s worth, for that they had to let the public know about the animal’s charms, and they published images where you could see Eggbert’s face with his unique nose. They also highlighted the qualities of his personality and the cat’s character.

“He was born without an eye and a nostril, but besides snoring like a chainsaw, nothing slows him down one bit! He is very loving and gets along well with other cats, dogs and children,” said a representative of the shelter.

The rescuers informed potential adopters of a certain health problem the cat had been having, namely occasional seizure episodes.

However, during the entire time he was at the shelter he did not have any epilepsy event, and they committed to monitor the feline’s clinical evolution in order to treat the disease in case it recurred.

“He has been diagnosed with epilepsy, his adopter must be ready and willing to administer medications and perform routine blood work as recommended by his veterinarian. He has had a thorough exam with our veterinarian which revealed no direct cause of seizure activity, but should not rule him out,” the rescue center added.

The shelter’s well wishes had an effect. Internet users were thrilled with the publication and adoption requests surpassed estimates.

Everyone was captivated by the kitten and found him very cute, and those interested in adopting him started to fill the shelter’s adoption application mailbox.

There was a great expectation about the updates on the case; animal lovers responded so fast that they surprised the users. As the applications were numerous, FAHS chose the family they felt was the best fit for the feline.

Holly Starr wanted to adopt the kitten with all her heart.

And the last update was the most touching, finally, the now famous Eggbert is ready to go to his new home.

Eggbert will have a little cat brother waiting for him to share his cat adventures.

The new family has another kitten at home, who had been at the shelter some time ago, and the situation would be great for both of them. They will keep each other company and share fun games and purrs. No doubt this is the perfect home for this little feline, his days will be wonderful feeling cared for and appreciated.

“Thank you for opening your home and hearts to give this cat a chance,” wrote an excited netizen.

Eggbert’s adoption is a breakthrough and represents hope for the other animals who spend a long time waiting for kind-hearted people who know how to value them.

There is no doubt, the most different beings are the most special and willing to love; always open your heart to them.


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