Cat thanks the couple who saved him after he was left with his 4 frozen paws unable to move

A cat trapped in the snow in freezing temperatures represents an emergency in which it is necessary to act quickly. The tragic scenario is outlined not only for a specimen of this species, but for any little animal whose organism is not adapted to this type of climate.

But in the case of this cat there was a happy ending.

With its whiskers completely covered with frost, a fluffy cat was found by a couple in the city of Zlatoust, in the Urals (Russia).

The feline had spent the night under the family’s car, probably in an attempt to get some warmth. However, even that was not enough, as he was practically stuck to the snow.

At a temperature of -30°C, the creature had miraculously survived.

Sergey Baranov, 41, and his wife Yelena, 36, were terrified when they saw the cat practically frozen.

Faced with the terrible situation they couldn’t help but help him and the first thing the cookware maker thought of was to pour hot water over the ice to melt it.

Although it would take some time, that would be the best option.

The woman immediately went inside her house, while Sergey was left to calm the cat. The man was worried that its paws were completely frozen and it might perish from hypothermia.

“He must have crawled under the car at night, looking for a warm place, fell asleep and all his paws were frozen in the morning. It looked like he couldn’t move his paws at all,” Sergey said.

The cat was literally stuck to the snow, so after the first boiler of hot water the couple used to help him, there wasn’t much they could do to get him out.

It wasn’t until after the seventh pot of warm water that the furry fellow was able to move but his paws remained frozen.

The man at his side stroked him, trying to keep him calm.

Concerned about his situation, the couple wrapped the animal in a blanket and brought him inside as soon as they managed to get him out of the snow.

The creature was frightened and even more so after being exposed so close to the water (many cats are not very fond of water), but the feline overcame his fears and behaved wonderfully so that the rescuers acted calmly.

It seems that the cat understood that they just wanted to help him.

Once inside the house, Yelena called a veterinarian as it was clear that the animal’s situation was delicate.

The cat could not stand up, its paws were still frozen. Once the specialist arrived, he assessed her vital signs and proceeded to inject her with anti-inflammatory drugs to help her recover.

For the next few hours Yelena stayed by his side, cuddling him.

By the end of the day were the medicine had taken effect and the little animal began to walk.

“We called a veterinarian who came immediately and did an anti-inflammatory injection. By the end of the day, the cat had started walking. It looks very young, only seven to nine months old,” Yelena said.

By the time they found the little animal the couple knew they couldn’t try to force it out because they might break its legs, so they opted for a smarter plan and while they were executing it they recorded the feat.

“It’s now minus 35°C. You see how cold our winter is if even cats freeze outside,” Sergey said in the video he made of the rescue.

The attempts of these people to help the little animal paid off and after more than 7 minutes of filming they not only experienced an unusual situation, but they were real angels for this kitty.

Yelena and her husband shared the story on social networks in order to find a suitable family for the brave animal.

They wanted to ensure a good future for him.

Luckily the strategy paid off and the cat was adopted by a girl who lives in the same locality as these husband and wife:

“The cat is now at home for a week and she says he looks quite well. It runs and jumps with joy”, announced Yelena, after giving the feline up for adoption.

This extraordinary story shows us that miracles do exist and how we can be those instruments to make them possible. Remember to help whenever you see an animal in trouble!

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