Cat travels 19 kilometers to reunite with former family that abandoned him

A cat experienced a painful story of rejection after returning to his old home, his former owners took him to a shelter because they didn’t want him anymore. However, he sought a way to escape from the place and return to what he considered his home with the people who once loved him so much.

The cat named Toby missed his family so much that he walked 19 kilometers to get back home.

Unfortunately, when he arrived home, instead of welcoming him with cuddles, his former owners rejected him and once again took him to a shelter, it was not enough just to abandon him, additionally, his heartless owners asked for him to be put down.

His fate changed thanks to the love of rescuers.

Wake County SPCA communications director Tara Lynn commented:

“They took him to a shelter and asked them to put him down. It was so heartbreaking to know that he made it all the way back to his family, and that was their response.”

Fortunately, the shelter staff refused to comply with the family’s request and quickly contacted the SPCA who did not hesitate to take him in and give him all the care he needed.

They watched over the cat’s welfare and did not rest until they found him a real family who loved him as much as he wanted.

He suffers from a virus that he will live with for the rest of his life.

Before giving him up for adoption it was necessary to treat him, after a series of tests they discovered that he suffered from feline immunodeficiency, a slow-acting virus similar to HIV in humans, this virus may not cause any obvious injury for years until it finally attacks the immune system. Tara commented on this:

“He tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus, and he also had an upper respiratory infection. We treated him for the infection, which took a while.”

While Toby no longer had the support of his family, the entire shelter staff was willing to look out for his well-being, not only giving him medical care but making him feel special and showing him all their love.

“He was very gentle. He was like a typical sweet cat – they want to receive love and love you,” Tara said.

It didn’t take long for this brave cat to recover, he was ready to be put up for adoption so the rescue group commented on his story on the interwebs.

Requests came in from all over, but one woman was the lucky one to have Toby become part of her family. Michele Puckett, from Raleigh, North Carolina, didn’t hesitate to approach the shelter as soon as she saw the post. Tara commented:

“She didn’t hesitate at all. She was at a job site and just dropped everything to come here.”

This fluffy, beautiful cat is now enjoying a second chance with people who value her presence and are grateful to be a part of her life.

Not only does he enjoy all the love his foster mom gives him, he also enjoys sharing with his new cat siblings, they are a perfect trio of energy and lots of love to give. His new foster mom commented:

“He is so sweet, cuddly and affectionate. He has also been taken by our bed, as if he has lived here forever. He loves to relax and lay under our pillows.”

Toby is a beautiful ball of fur that avoided a tragic end thanks to the compassion and love that the shelter staff had.

While we don’t know what the family’s motives were for making that decision, aren’t we glad to know that his fate was changed and for the better.

“It’s really hard to understand how anyone could have left him to be killed like they did. It’s shocking, but we are so grateful that he was saved,” Michele noted.

Like Toby many other little animals want a second chance, Tara hopes her story will help make a difference and every day more and more people will be motivated to adopt.

“There are tons of pets that are easily discarded by their families or a breeder. I really hope it inspires other people to go out and adopt,” said Tara.

Animal rejection concerns and shocks society because it is evidence of some individuals’ misguided behavior. Fortunately, many more people are willing to be instruments and give second chances.

Hopefully all the animals in the world can enjoy a real family. Love a furry and transform a life.

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