Cat who lost her ears gets a forever home and meets her best friend

A cat with a sad past finally knew happiness and his case touches the hearts of thousands of people.

Many animals continue to face the worst experiences in the dangerous and cold streets, with no one willing to lend them a helping hand, so they end up seriously ill, on the verge of losing their lives.

This was the experience of a helpless feline named Potato, who lived for a long time in the crowded streets of China, without a roof over his head where he could sleep safely and with little food.

Life was not at all easy for this little furry feline, little by little his health deteriorated to the point that he ended up developing a severe ceruminous adenoma inside his ear canals.

His fate did not seem promising, until some rescuers showed up to help him.

That’s how in Potato’s sad life appeared some noble rescuers from a Chinese shelter called Treasure Life, Be Kind To Animals Association, who upon seeing his serious condition immediately took him with them so that he could receive specialized care.

But it was too late, the damage to the feline’s ears was so acute and chronic that the veterinarians suggested to the rescuers to remove his ears and ear canals in order to end Potato’s severe infection.

So the cat underwent a surgical procedure in which his ears were removed; it was the only option to preserve his life.

Two years have passed since then, Potato successfully recovered from the surgery and was ready to live life like never before, this time with a loving family that appreciates him just the way he is, no matter how sad his past was.

“Potato was a stray cat, so no one knows when he was born or how old he is,” notes the adoptive family of this kitten.

Despite the fact that Potato’s exact age is unknown, his family estimates that he is around 6 years old and they have decided to celebrate his birthday every April 25, given that it was on that day in 2019 when they adopted him.

Potato enjoys spending every birthday next to his new family, with lots of balloons and delicious cake to celebrate his life.

But, without a doubt, what he enjoys the most is being able to live next to his feline brother named Horlick, with whom he usually plays and, later, sleeps peacefully. From the first moment they created a very special bond, they are the best of friends.

Finally he is happy as he deserves and in the company of a faithful friend.

Despite having lost his little ears, Potato’s family assures that he has not completely lost his hearing and that he is a very affectionate kitten, willing to give his all to the family that gave him a second chance to be happy.

This noble cat will always be grateful to those who gave him the love and protection he had been so lacking after his rough past.

“Thank you to those beautiful hearts that have given him a home and allowed him to have a family. God shower a thousand blessings on your home for such an adorable gesture,” commented one netizen.

Fortunately, for Potato losing his ears meant a new life, one where all the suffering is finally behind him and where he will never be rejected again. Congratulations to you, cute kitty.

All animals deserve the opportunity to live under the protection of people who do value their lives and are committed to their welfare.

He is the cutest cat

Like Potato, there are hundreds of homeless felines waiting for the right person to give them a little love in exchange for the most genuine of friendships. It is always worth adopting a homeless animal, you will never regret that decision.

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