Cat won’t let anyone sit on her new favorite chair

One cat demands that the chair she loves and considers hers always remain available for her to use.

This adorable 5-year-old cat loves to be the center of her family’s attention, so much so, that any object her owners bring into the house she believes belongs to her.

Yoshitsune, a beautiful and determined kitty who knows very well what she wants, especially when it comes to claiming what she considers to be hers.

Reina, her human mother said that Yoshitsune always gets hold of any new item they bring home.

Yoshitsune thinks everything is a gift to her. Whenever they receive a package she jumps to receive it because she assumes it is an item that belongs to her.

“She likes new things, she gets nervous and impatient, however, she understands what people are talking to her about,” Reina said.

The latest item Yoshitsune has fallen in love with is a gray and white desk chair that her mother recently bought for her apartment.

The feline fell in love at first sight with the furniture, and from the very first moment she wanted to make it clear that it was only to be available to her.

This funny kitty especially likes to run her paw through the narrow space between the seat and the backrest to rest on the cushion.

Unfortunately for Yoshitsune, she has to share the chair with her father, and she’s really not very happy about that.

She doesn’t understand using that chair that she loves so much and that came home to be solely his property.

She has pushed her father with her paw, she has tried to push him out of the seat by pressing her body between his back and the chair in such a way that it is as uncomfortable as possible for her father to be seated.

This adorable feline has taken over the chair since her mother brought her over and every time her father tries to sit down Yoshitsune doesn’t hesitate to let him know her discomfort. In her own way, she complains that he is using her chair, not giving up until she gets him to leave.

Reina captured some of the moments in which her beloved pet defends his territory, and posted them on social networks, they really are incredible images.

No one can be indifferent to the cat’s reaction when she sees that her chair is occupied.

“The new piece is my place. But somehow, my dad is always sitting in it,” was the caption Reina gave to the pictures posted.

She has been monopolizing the new chair from the very instant her mother walked in the door with it. She doesn’t hesitate to do everything she can to get between her father and her special seat.

If all else fails she makes the biggest drama of all. The expression on her face reveals the extent of her annoyance in an attempt to win her mother’s sympathy.

Yoshitsune’s protests always have an effect and her father lets her sit in the chair without having to share it. Finally the cat achieves her goal after asserting “her rights” by proving that she is the spoiled brat of the house.

Her human parents know that as soon as they buy their next piece of furniture they will be able to use their “new” desk chair again.

But until then, they have to assume that the chair they thought was comfortable and perfect, unfortunately belongs to their pet. They never thought they would end up buying a chair exclusively for their kitty, but their love for her knows no bounds and they are willing to indulge her whims.

The funny anecdote does not stop generating comments, this smart and clever cat won the hearts of thousands of people around the world.

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