Children find poor kitten with allegedly broken paws and do everything to save her

Little children became heroes to a little kitten. They were so heartbroken by what they saw that they didn’t hesitate to give her the help she so desperately needed.

One day, several children were playing in front of the residential complex where they lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and found a little kitten in pain. Such a scene could not have left them indifferent.

They quickly took her to her parents, who checked her over and were surprised at how injured she was.

The kitten had plaster covering her hind legs. One of the parents immediately suggested taking her to Kathy Hamel, who is a local animal rescue expert, and serves as director of Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue.

The kitten was named Cupcake after a 4-year-old girl who found her.

“When she was brought to me, there was a little girl about 4 years old who was one of her rescuers, she had named her Cupcake, I told her I loved the name and I would keep it,” Kathy said.

Hamel and the concerned neighbor took the fading little animal to the vet to get her checked out so they could get a clear picture of what was happening to her. They were concerned about her paws, her low weight and obvious malnutrition.

They didn’t really understand what could have happened to the creature; her condition was pitiful.

Given the physical condition the helpless kitten was in, if she had remained on the street, she surely could not have survived even a couple of days.

“I have to admit that I have never seen anything like this. Besides the strange healing conatus that someone placed on her little paws, she was incredibly tiny,” Kathy said.

She was so helpless and small and had already known pain and suffering.

The first thing the vet did was to remove the casts, you could tell they were crudely made, one came off easily, but the other was too tight and hurt her. They had to soak it with water to prevent the kitten from suffering while they were removing it.

The most incredible thing happened when they removed the cast, the kitten’s paws were not fractured or injured, and the way they were placed indicated that it was something done by an adult.

Someone intentionally placed the cast on Cupcake’s paws and left her to fend for herself.

Clearly, Cupcake was the victim of the worst act of inhumanity. And no one can understand how they could do such a thing to such an innocent creature.

It is hard to understand the reason why a person would go to that extreme of indolence and cruelty. It is an act that deserves all our rejection. However, sweet Cupcake endured it all bravely and was in good spirits despite what had happened.

“She is a strong girl with a wonderful spirit, she has been very patient with all the pulling, the washing, the thermometers and with being surrounded by countless people, all just trying to help her,” commented Kathy.

On top of everything, she was the most docile and good, without opposing the cures.

Fortunately, life finally shows Cupcake its good side and she will be able to forget her sad past surrounded by all the love she has always deserved.

This story should serve as a reminder that animals are living, sentient beings who suffer and suffer just like humans. Let’s promote love and respect for all animals.

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