Chubby rescued cat loves to show her belly and get petting

An 8-year-old cat, Wilford, was taken to a shelter when his owner could no longer care for him. He arrived matted, dirty and severely obese.

Presumably left to fend for himself because of his condition, the poor thing couldn’t go on like this, he was suffering the ravages of neglect by those who were supposed to be looking out for his health and well-being.

The kitten was in desperate need of a foster home and medical attention. Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, a rescue group in Virginia, took him into their care.

They did not hesitate to take the cat in to offer him the treatment he required, his health was at risk should his eating habits remain the same. Despite what he may have suffered, the cat was very affectionate, he was grateful for the help he received.

Beautiful, but very neglected, Wildford is a loving cat.

Wilford is incredibly sweet, but he was confused, stressed and overwhelmed by all the changes in his life.

Jen, the foster volunteer who decided to take care of this huge kitten, knew from the very first moment that she was in for a difficult task.

This feline weighs 12 kilos, but his healthy weight should be around 6 kilos. It will probably take him several years to reach his ideal weight.

Before he is ready to begin his weight loss journey, he has to overcome some health issues.

He has visited the vet several times for additional treatment and medical care before his physical condition finally stabilizes.

Once Wilford is strong enough, they will begin to help him lose weight, slowly and gradually. This loving kitty needs to lose half of his body weight.

Luckily, he is an absolute delight and his caregivers are very grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with him. The noble cat expresses with his gestures the gratitude he feels for his rescuers, captivating your heart simply with his tender gaze.

We know for a fact that his weight is a health problem, but this does not prevent him from being an adorable pet.

This kitten had no appetite problems, but it was important to start watching his rations, luckily Jen found a wet food that Wilford was willing to eat constantly.

In addition, Jen discovered that Wilford loves toys, which brings a lot of hope for his recovery process.

Currently, this little guy has limited mobility issues due to his weight, but the interest he has in playing and being physically active will be very helpful in his weight loss plan.

The cat is now surrounded by people who are fighting for him to regain his health and solve the overweight problem that affects his mobility and his body.

Wilford likes to lie on his back when he feels safe. He willingly rolls over on his back, he really likes this position and can roll from side to side, this is a great show of love and trust.

He is loving, able to provide great companionship and mischievous, there is no doubt that Wilford will be an exceptional pet who will overcome obesity issues that put his health at risk.

Wildford is on his way to a better life with love and care.

Fortunately this feline received help just in time, he is happy feeling cared for and loved. His case captures the attention of all animal lovers, who celebrate that he started a change in his life to be fully healthy and enjoy many adventures.

Fall in love with sweet Wildford in this video.

Some underestimate the danger of obesity in pets, it is important to keep track of their weight and above all, their health. This cat will be in good condition thanks to the excellent work of his rescuers.

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