Couple rescues stray kitten with the most beautiful eyes and turns her life around

A kitten with beautiful eyes completely captivated a couple after lurking for several days outside their home. It is a kitten that for a long time spent her days on the street until she was spotted by Betty H. and her husband, who decided to offer her a new opportunity.

The kitten with beautiful eyes enjoys a new opportunity thanks to the love of a couple.

The couple had seen the kitten walking aimlessly on several occasions but she always made a special stop around the property. So they had to come up with a plan to gain her trust and give her all the help she needed.

She looked very dirty and hungry, so they offered her food to slowly gain her trust. Betty said:

“We started leaving food and water to help her, she started to get our help.”

At first, the little furry one was very elusive, but after a few days she completely fell for the attention of her caregivers.

The beautiful kitten had an abundance of fur, although very dirty and matted, especially on her paws, the tip of her nose was covered with an adorable black spot, and she had the most beautiful eyes the couple had ever seen on any little animal.

The kitten started hanging around the couple’s home in late 2018.

This adorable ball of fur had completely won over the couple who were willing to do everything they could to improve her situation, they fed her three times a day and every loving gesture ended up earning the furry little one’s trust.

No one seemed to claim her, so Betty and her husband decided to adopt her, she was named Fluffy.

“At first, she was very quiet, once she got used to me being there, I started talking to Fluffy while she ate and drank. Little by little, I tried petting her. It was really obvious that she had never had an owner before,” Betty said.

It took a lot of patience and dedication before the kitten was able to surrender completely to her new parents’ petting, and over time, she gradually let go of her fear of people and began to reveal her tender, playful personality.

Fluffy went from being afraid of contact to asking for lots of petting and enjoying being the center of attention. Betty commented on this:

“Before she ended her life on the street, she actually wanted to be petted before she ate. I was really surprised to see that behavior.”

It wasn’t until February 2019 that the kitten felt completely at ease and began to discover every nook and cranny of her new home. The couple was happy to see her slowly become a member of the family.

“I gave her the first bath she probably hadn’t had. He had black spots on his nose and residue on his paws that were very hard to wash off. She was missing chunks of fur and had huge dirty knots in her coat,” noted Betty.

After her first bath, sweet Fluffy purred as she was placed on a towel, then snuggled comfortably in her father’s arms, no doubt she was enjoying this new life.

Before long, she received veterinary care and the couple discovered that little Fluffy needed a lot more help than they thought.

“I’ve never heard a cat purr so loudly. Later, when we took her to the vet, we discovered she had a number of problems: she had parasites, a stomach infection and ear mites,” Betty said.

To remove all the knots without hurting her, it was necessary to cut her fur, and she also received special treatment that helped improve her health problems.

Not only had Fluffy found loving parents, she also had a playmate who quickly became her adventure partner, a cat named Lacie that the couple had already adopted.

Fluffy has proven to be a very playful and energetic cat.

For this couple it is an immense joy to have such a tender and playful furry cat. When they get home, Fluffy always waits for them near the couch as if it were a direct invitation for them to come and give her all the cuddles she deserves. In this regard, Betty emphasized:

“When I get home from work, Fluffy waits at the window until I get out of my car. As soon as I open the front door, Fluffy is on top of the couch by the door, waiting to greet me.”

It’s been two years since Fluffy was rescued and now she looks completely healthy and happy, her eyes have taken on a special sparkle and she continues to win over her favorite people with her infinite tenderness and incomparable beauty.

Thanks to the love and patience of this couple, a kitten managed to get off the streets and enjoy a real home. When we want to be a bridge of love in the life of a vulnerable animal, there are no excuses, only desire and willingness to do it.

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