Cross-eyed kitten helps those who took him off the street

Belarus is a beautiful kitten who is conquering everyone’s heart on the networks. Sometimes, he can be seen posing calmly in front of the camera with his best elegant feline profile.

Other times, he is knocking over everything around him and making mischief that leaves the house in shambles.

In any case, he is a really beautiful furry who was rescued and is now taking advantage of his fame on the networks to support the shelter where he lived for a year. Rachel Krall is a young woman who loves kittens.

She decided it was time to adopt a pet and headed to Animal Care & Control Shelter. As soon as she came across Belarus she knew he was the perfect kitty for her – he was simply irresistible!

Belarus has his own Instagram and already has over 200k followers.

He is gray in color and the first thing everyone notices is that he has a little problem with his eyes. He was born with a condition called strabismus and this causes his eyes to look a bit crossed.

Fortunately, this does not cause him any impairment and he can see completely normally.

Belarus’ little eyes point in different directions and the result is that he always looks a little confused, but many find him really adorable.

In addition, Belarus has a beautiful coat and has shown that the camera loves him. He has become a little celebrity on the interwebs.

“When I first met him, I thought he was the most hilariously adorable kitten I had ever seen,” Rachel confessed.

What many might see as a flaw, has become Belarus’ personal trademark.

The adorable kitten has become yet another proof that looking a little different is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it makes it that much more special – Belarus is unique and beautiful!

As soon as Rachel heard his story, she dropped everything to visit the shelter that very day to meet him.

Something inside her told her that she was destined to protect this furry little guy, and she wasn’t wrong. Within minutes of meeting him, she had decided to adopt him for good.

“He loves to explore absolutely everything. He gets into the tiniest corners of the house and starts meowing for me to find him.”

Cross-eyed kittens like Belaurs can get up to as much mischief as they want and have a normal life.

However, there are many people who reject them because they look different so Rachel’s love for Belarus is really touching. It’s a shame to know that kittens like Belarus are less likely to get homes and all because of their cute little eyes.

Rachel is dedicated to raising funds to donate to the shelter, so far she has managed to raise $4,000.

Handsome Belarus is further proof that animals with special needs or who look different deserve as much love and care as anyone else.

Rescuers thought someone like Belarus wouldn’t make it to a home but now this sweet kitty is making history.

“What an adorable cat! I would love to adopt a little guy like him,” they commented on the interwebs.

He is a very witty kitty who turns everything in his path into a toy. He loves to play in the shower and in the dishwasher.

Even though he gets into a thousand mischiefs, his owner just melts with him. There is no doubt that they were meant to be together.

The case of this cat can help raise awareness about the need to not reject any pet just because it is a little different from the others.

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