Dad who refused to have a dog at home tucks him in before going to sleep

Dogs are adorable, it is really difficult for someone not to be surrendered to the charm of a puppy, who knows very well how to conquer any heart, especially if it is their human parents.

And Oliver knew how to do it very well?

When Rachael Rodrigues graduated, about seven years ago, she received the best gift she could ever get, a beautiful puppy that would become the center of attention of the family and the darling of everyone.

Although Rachael was deeply grateful for Oliver, she finally had the pet she had longed for, she was concerned that her parents had never been dog lovers.

Rachael was very excited and also a little surprised, her parents had always refused to have dogs in the house.

They doubted the commitment associated with having a puppy as a pet. They did not agree to adopt a dog or take on the responsibilities of caring for it, protecting it, feeding it, caring for its hygiene, health and entertainment.

Rachel’s father, in particular, claimed that he did not want to have a dog at home under any circumstances. He was adamant about refusing the option of opening the doors of his home to a pet.

“We’ve always had cats because my parents were anti-dog. They didn’t agree with the extra work involved in having a dog at home, such as training, walking, grooming, among others,” Rachael said.

But, once Oliver came home, all expectations about her parents’ negative attitude to the idea of having a dog changed.

Especially her father’s attitude left her totally surprised. She didn’t expect his reaction after hearing him say that he never wanted a dog in his house.

Rachel admits that she didn’t expect to see her dad excited and in love with Oliver.

“Dad frequently walked around the house carrying Oliver.

For the first week Oliver came home we thought he might have a stomachache.

The poor guy wouldn’t sleep through the night, so dad slept on the floor with him under a blanket rubbing his stomach all night,” Rachael said.

Rachael says that, although his father never acknowledges it, he has always treated Oliver like another child in the family, and Oliver loves the attention he gets from him.

Despite his rejection of the proposal to adopt a dog, since Oliver arrived he has become a member of the family. He loves him and protects him as if he were one of his own, he is his baby.

It is really beautiful to see the love that exists between them.

“The video is pretty much what my dad and our beloved Oliver’s relationship is. Dad treats him like a baby, even though he’ll never admit it, and Oliver gives it his all,” Rachel said.

When Oliver is sleeping Rachael’s dad is vigilant about covering him with a blanket and tucking him in very carefully, it’s definitely one of the cutest images in the world.

“Oliver was asleep on daddy’s pillow, so dad thought he would cover him up too,” said Rachael.

To Rachael’s dad this adorable puppy is like he’s a big boy. Even though he never wanted a dog he loves Oliver so much, he can’t see his life without him, and Oliver loves him too.

It is said that a dog is man’s best friend, and this Oliver knew how to conquer the love of his human father and break all beliefs that limited the feeling.

And there is nothing more beautiful than giving a dog the opportunity to have a home. Sometimes we think that we are the ones who help them by adopting them, but really they are the ones who fill our days with color.

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