Desperate mama bear filmed trying to save her injured baby in the middle of the highway

There are those who refer to a “mama bear” to talk about the enormous love of a mother who is willing to do anything for her little ones.

A video that has recently started circulating on social media shows us that they really are beautiful animals willing to protect their herd at all costs.

Lisha DeShay was driving on a highway when she came across the devastating image of a baby bear in distress.

The images were captured in Florida, United States.

Everything points to a car passing by at such a high speed that it injured the innocent animal. The poor bear was left there unable to move. He had been so injured that he had a serious problem in his paws and could not even get up by himself, he was still lying in the middle of the road and every second that passed was vital.

The car traffic in the late hours of the night turned that place into a real danger for the bears.

The video has already been viewed almost half a million times worldwide.

Luckily, Lisha realized what was happening and stopped her car. With this simple gesture she made sure to give the bear and the herd some time to try to get out of there as soon as possible.

It was then that the bear’s mother in distress appeared. You can see her looking back and forth across the road to make sure she is looking for the right moment to save the little one.

A total of three bears tried to rescue the baby bear.

He rushes over to the baby and grabs it by the neck to try to pull it out of the road. The poor bear is so injured that every movement is very painful for him. His mother tries not to hurt him but knows that the most important thing is to get him out of such a dangerous place.

It is estimated that the injured bear was less than a couple of months old.

A few seconds later, other adult bears appear and do not hesitate to help. After a long teamwork, the little one is finally away from the cars. His family risked everything to protect him.

“We need to be more aware and drive much more carefully at night”.

It was an extremely touching moment but unfortunately it does not have a happy ending. Eventually, it was confirmed that the baby bear lost his life a couple of hours later. His family, however, showed what true love is. They tried to save him at all costs and accompanied him in his last hours.

Share this note to spread the word about this beautiful bear herd and help raise awareness about the great danger that little ones can suffer on the road.

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