Dog chases cat to the top of a tree and ends up repentant

A dog that chased a cat to the top of a tree ended up very sorry for his decision, what happened is giving a lot to talk about in the networks.

It is well known that kittens have incredible abilities to climb and end up in places we never imagined.

Surely on several occasions you have heard about the rescue of a kitten who, because of being naughty, ended up in a place with no way out and firefighters helping him to get him down and continue with the adventure.

In fact, it is a maneuver that lately has become a constant in the Fire Department, but hearing about a dog that ended up at the top of a tree seems not only surprising but unheard of.

This is a German shepherd dog that corralled a cat to the top of a tree.

This is a classic story of the playful rivalry between dogs and cats, the German Shepherd took the chase to such an extreme that he made his feline enemy end up on top of a tree.

The dog was then a few feet away with no chance for either to make a move.

Firefighters quickly arrived to rescue both furries, one frightened and fearful of his end, the other bold and determined to finish his mission.

The kitten was totally paralyzed so as not to alert his adversary.

Lathrop Manteca District firefighters posted some images of the bizarre rescue.

“We’re glad to hear that all went well for this dog, and we’re pretty sure he’ll think twice before chasing the cats up another tree.”

While most of the attention went to the mischievous dog, who even got a little photo op at the end of the rescue.

After this incident, the dog became a celebrity, just like the cat. The two starred in a scene that we could easily see in a cartoon movie.

Many users began to ask about the fate of the cat after the photos were posted on his Facebook page: did he survive in the face of his determined attacker?

Rescuers administered water and oxygen to the naughty and brave little dog.

They did everything necessary to make sure the dog was in good health.

The firefighters had to respond to an outpouring of messages from cat lovers who were anxious to know his fate.

They note that despite not responding or updating the comments, in light of the kitty’s continued interest they happily reported that he made it out unharmed, the cat is doing well and will be able to continue saving one of his seven lives for another day.

Thanks to his climbing skills, he came out of the incident completely unharmed and will exercise more caution.

It was a chase that ended in an amazing rescue.

Both cat and dog lovers can rest assured, both are safe and sound enjoying each in their own way and with total distance.

Despite this episode of persecution it is more than proven that animals do know how to love without differences and despite the stereotype that dogs and cats are enemies these two species can come to love each other unconditionally.

We are happy to know that this incident had a good outcome and that both animals are out of danger.

We applaud the work of the heroes who went out of their way to help them out of the predicament they ended up in due to such an unusual chase, especially the daring dog. I’m sure he will never climb any surface to catch up with a cat when the opportunity presents itself because he will remember the fright of that day.

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