Dog left chained up for days for being “untouchable” fills new family with love

The actions of some people against animals leave a lot to be said about our humanity and on this occasion a little dog suffered the malice of someone who decided to keep it away from any help, using a rather low argument. Nothing more than that gesture made that the animal was kept isolated as if it were a dangerous being.

This little dog was tied to an old dog trailer

The 10-month-old animal lived in a remote village in Bulgaria and someone heartless decided to tie him with a chain to an old and rusty trailer.

The worst part of the matter is that the person argued that the dog was suffering from a highly contagious disease, just with the intention of avoiding any kind of help for the dog.

Undoubtedly, this was a low and cruel act.

The puppy spent several days suffering in such conditions until volunteers from the charity Rudozem Street Dog Rescue went to help him.

A neighbor who took pity on the dog’s situation decided to report him, knowing that the shelter was in charge of providing support to animals in need.

That call saved the dog’s life.

The puppy in question is named Duke and he was truly brave to endure such a discouraging situation, although his hopes were almost exhausted by the time the rescuers arrived.

According to Tony Rowles, co-founder of the organization, Duke was surrounded by flies, as he was practically sleeping on his own feces.

This is how the furry dog stayed for days.

The chain with which Duke was left was very short, so the little animal was almost unable to make any movement. The poor thing took shelter under the trailer to protect himself from the sun and the rain, and that is how he remained for the duration of this torture.

His little eyes of terror would break anyone’s heart.

Tony was very moved by the dog’s situation and decided to take him home, as there was no more room for him at the shelter.

“He was very scared. There was a smell of ammonia. He couldn’t move, it was totally overwhelming,” said Tony.

Despite the invention spread by the person who left him tied up, this little dog had nothing that was contagious except his sweet charm. Duke turned out to be quite friendly, although he remained very fearful in the presence of people for the first few days.

“He was fine when I approached him at first. But you could see the fear in the way he moved and the way he backed away from me in the first few weeks,” Tony recounted.

Although he was running away from Tony, Duke immediately bonded with his wife, Diane. She was instrumental in the dog’s adjustment process, especially during the time he had to undergo various medical treatments.

The damage that had been done to this little dog went beyond the emotional.

Duke’s paws were injured and the chain around his throat had made him sick, in addition to the fact that the puppy was quite thin and weak.

“It was a real shock when the vet said this was trauma to his paws. They were obviously broken. His paws were shattered. The ligaments in his feet were nonexistent. The bones were just floating in his paws,” Tony said.

After a couple of surgeries and splint changes, the little dog was able to recover. Tony and Diane’s care helped him regain his spirits and energy, so after some time in their care he was ready to be adopted.

Duke deserved to go to a permanent home.

The same organization was in charge of managing the search for a real home for the little dog and a woman in England was the lucky one to adopt him.

Although Diane and Tony said goodbye in tears, they know that Duke now lives with Diana Romaine, a human mom who loves and respects him.

After that hard episode in his life, the dog found the love and treatment he always deserved to have. All this thanks to the call of the neighbor who decided to ask for help and to the volunteers of the organization that rescued him. Like Duke, Rudozem Street Dog Rescue has given a happy ending to more than 1,000 furry dogs.

Two years later, the little dog that was labeled as “untouchable” is still giving love to his family. Undoubtedly, adoption and giving second chances will be the best satisfaction.


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