Dog refuses to share his birthday cake with his party guests

Everyone, including dogs, loves a good birthday cake. But, Aldo, a very funny Golden is the last straw. He is a very spoiled animal, and he even has his own social media account.

Aldo was happy with his seventh birthday cake.

In fact, we learned from her about an event he starred in on his seventh birthday that caused thousands of Internet users to laugh. In the video that immediately went viral, he is seen very angry and throwing tantrums, so that his other doggy guests would not touch his cake.

He is not always a cute little smiling angel.

Aldo has become a celebrity on digital platforms, due to his sweet and restless personality. The publications of his antics already have more than 30,000 followers, who daily follow the funny moments he lives with his loving caregiver.

In the hilarious images you can see, perhaps somewhat selfishly, Aldo very angry and jealous. He absolutely refuses to share his birthday cake with other puppies. “No, gentlemen, that’s MY cake”, he seems to express with special emphasis on each bark.

The viral video was shared by Aldo’s human mother, Agustina Marzari Bobbio, who is also a reputed Argentinean influencer in her home country. She did it through the Instagram account of the popular dog fan of Golden Retriever breed cakes and pies.

“Geminiano, fan of water and cuddles,” reads the personal description.

She decided to celebrate in style the seventh anniversary of life of her beloved pet, with a huge and succulent special cake for dogs. The scene took place at a fun outdoor party dedicated to Aldo, who was accompanied by others of his kind.

However, although we don’t doubt Bobbio’s good and friendly intentions, he surely didn’t count on the fact that Aldo wouldn’t think the same. And, in fact, he didn’t. The honored dog put up a fight. When the time came to blow out the candles and make wishes, he refused to give the others a slice.

For their part, the canines are seen in an attitude of disbelief, watching as Aldo angrily protected his delicious birthday cake with blood and fire. The animal was convinced that the dessert was only for him.

In just a few seconds of footage, Aldo is seen growling at the rest of the dogs. This is intended to give them a warning not to dare approach the birthday cake even a millimeter, a message that the dogs seem to understand clearly, and simply walk away from the site in frustration.

The funny thing is, this is not the first time the seven-year-old dog has behaved in the same way. In another of his many viral videos uploaded to his account, you can see how last birthday he growled every time any of his guests approached his birthday cake number six.

“It’s not the first time the dog has refused to share the cake. Another time he wouldn’t let his friends taste his treat either,” Agustina added.

Even angry, he is still adorable

The truth is that this last celebration did not go unnoticed at all. The video got more than 500 thousand views. But, not only that, Aldo has already gone around the world, making, with his attitude, the delight of many people beyond Argentina.

Dogs don’t know about selfishness, but they do know what they want. They do know how to distinguish the people who love them and the treats they love the most and do not intend to share with anyone. Love, care and pamper your pets, they will always thank you for it.

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