Dog spends 216 days waiting for someone who finally wants to adopt her

There are many difficulties that some furry dogs have to face before they can enjoy a new and better opportunity. For one pitbull puppy it was waiting 216 days in a shelter and being rejected by two families until she found the right people who accept her and love her unconditionally.

Puppy was rejected by two families until she found the right parents.

Tonka is our beautiful protagonist, a 7 year old dog who was finally adopted by a family after a long wait at the Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) shelter in California, USA.

Although she is a dog that overflows with tenderness and energy, she was only five days away from setting a new record for the length of her stay at the shelter.

Tonka is 7 years old and spent 216 days in a shelter.

Luckily, her fate changed thanks to the fact that her story was shared on social networks and ended up conquering the heart of Wilfredo Vega, a resident of South Daytona, who after knowing Tonka’s story did not hesitate to help her and make her part of his family.

Through social media a spokesperson for Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) said:

“After 216 days in our shelter, we are hopeful that this little girl will never have to leave the comfort of her home again.”

This beautiful puppy came to the shelter after being abandoned by her foster father in the backyard of her former home.

Rescuers came to the scene after receiving an anonymous call, the dog was not in the best condition, she was anemic and malnourished, it is possible that she had been several days without food.

Tonka’s past was difficult but now she is enjoying a new life being loved.

Tonka was transferred to the shelter and received all the help she needed. During the seven months she was at the shelter, this clear-eyed, tender-looking puppy was adopted twice but unfortunately, both times her adopters ended up returning her to the shelter.

“Tonka is a beautiful dog that people can fall in love with. We have been struggling to find someone with a lasting compatibility for her, as she does not like to be around other dogs, a factor that drastically limits the pool of interested adopters,” the shelter commented.

Fortunately, everything changed for Tonka after Wilfredo learned her story and decided to take her home.

The man said that his mother recently died of COVID-19 and that Tonka’s story made him think and inspired him to adopt her because it was something his mother would have liked.

This sweet little dog loves to go for walks and eat cookies. We’re glad to hear that her life is forever changed.

Although the connection between Tonka and Wilfredo was slow at first, little by little they created a beautiful friendship and now they are inseparable. The sweet little dog has adjusted very well to her new home and loves Wilfredo’s daughter Aaliyah above all else.

“Tonka is absolutely phenomenal with us,” said Wilfredo.

Together they form a perfect triad of love and complicity. It was a long time that this little dog had to wait to enjoy a real family, but finally she will be able to spend the rest of her life being spoiled and loved.

Without a doubt, the wait was worth it. Tonka could not find a better family that is willing to fight for her present and future unconditionally.

There are many dogs that spend their days in shelters waiting for the right family. We encourage you to change his story and give a new opportunity to a dog that only has a lot to give.

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