Dog swims every day across lake to camp to make new friends

A dog has no limits when it comes to finding friends, even when it comes to swimming a whole lake from shore to shore. Dogs are very sociable pets. In fact, there are many breeds that love to be surrounded by people and even other animals. And the fact is that dogs, just like humans, love to have friends.

Thunder is a dog who loves swimming and making friends.

One of the best examples is Thunder, a 10-year-old puppy known to Amanda Vermeer, a woman who frequents a campground across a lake from the dog’s residence. Every day, Thunder swims there like a fish in water to make new friends.

The dog has been doing this for so long that whenever she or anyone else sees him swimming blissfully through the water in the distance, they are neither surprised nor alarmed. That is, quite simply, what Thunder loves to do every day of his life, at least, for as long as anyone he knows can remember.

The friendly dog swims through the water to make new friends.

Every day, the dog swims across a lake to make friends.It’s his favorite routine and no matter how much you try to stop him. He will always find a way to do his will and dive into the lake, swimming with the agility of a dolphin until he reaches his favorite campsite. And who can stop a water enthusiast?

“Actually, swimming in the lake is his favorite part. I think he really enjoys strolling from camp to camp, waving to all the people and seeing how far he can get before he gets caught,” Vermeer said.

Obviously, by anticipation, neighbors, locals and regular campers have the coordinates of the animal’s handler. Whenever Thunder escapes from his home they alert him to be on the lookout that he did it again. The scares of the first few times have already been overcome by his family.

“If his caretaker doesn’t get a call first, when he realizes Thunder is gone again, he gets in his truck and patrols around the lake looking for him. He usually finds him at the campsite,” Vermeer said.

Many strategies have been used by Thunder’s family to keep him from leaving the house. All of them unsuccessful, since swimming and having fun is what truly shapes the spirit of this friendly and energetic furry.

But on top of it all Thunder knows how to get permission and apologize for his antics, with a tender look and lots of licks he tells daddy, “I’m sorry for worrying you.” And there’s no way to resist such sweetness.

As her father has told Amanda herself, he will never forbid her from doing what she loves most. Even though he worries about her escapes all the time, he only regrets not being able to teach her to swim back home.

Thunder, “the swimmer,” seems to be very clear that his dad will pick him up at camp at the end of his adventure for the day. It’s like it’s a game to him. He swims energetically across the lake and then times the time it takes to get there for him to make new friends.

Crossing through the refreshing waters of this lake has definitely been and is Thunder’s greatest pleasure since seven summers ago. A life lesson for all of us who have a tenderloin at home, our mission must be to let them be happy before anything else.

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