Dog with parasites on him looks at the newlyweds and begs them to take away his suffering

Rescue stories always grab our hearts and don’t let go! This is another one of those stories but you’re going to love the happy ending. Please be sure to watch the video until the very end, enjoy!

Newlyweds Aliki and Walter, from Canada, were on their honeymoon in Greece when they stumbled upon an atrocity that they never anticipated: a dog being consumed alive by parasites with just weeks to live. He was a homeless person who lived in a tiny community and was fading away to nothing but skin and bone.

When the dog walked up to the driver’s window as they drove down the street, it was clear that he wanted help! When the pair first noticed him, he cowered a great deal and was extremely apprehensive, most likely owing to the previous mistreatment by strangers.

When the pair first saw him, he cowered a lot and was very frightened, most likely as a result of his prior experiences with people who had not been ‘particularly kind’ to him. Despite his awful condition, however, his little tail that he kept between his legs wagged merrily. He was happy to discover individuals who were kind enough to pay him any attention.

The couple, inspired by Greek Animal Rescue and Diasozo, decided to help this unhappy, lonely pup. The pair knew they couldn’t leave him behind and stated that there was something about him that compelled them to assist him.

Rescuers took him from the street and gave him a can of food, which he ate in a few bites. He was subsequently brought to the clinic, where he received mange treatment and an intestinal parasite exam.

The vets believed that if he lived on the streets any longer, he would have passed away within weeks. But thankfully he was saved just in time and was on the road to recovery.

Nelson’s hair had completely recovered and he appeared to be a whole new dog after 5 months of therapy and care. His metamorphosis was remarkable both physically and mentally. He’d discovered how to trust again, and he couldn’t stop grinning or wagging his tail.

He flew to Canada after he was completely healed to see the pair who saved his life again. They took him in and were amazed by his transformed appearance. Nelson is a stunning dog, and it’s incredible to consider how far he’s come thanks to these newlyweds!

You’re going to LOVE watching Nelson’s happy ending in this heartwarming video below. Please be sure to watch all the way until the end, enjoy!

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