Doggie rescued after spending 18 hours trying to get out of a manhole

A little dog who was trying to get out of the manhole in which he was trapped received help from a caring man who was touched by his situation.

Animals surviving on the street depend on the sensitivity of the people around them, otherwise they would not be able to feed, hydrate and keep themselves out of danger.

On the street there are too many risks for these innocent and vulnerable beings that should be under the roof of a home, with the love of a family.

Although many have to face the indifference of passersby, others count on the help of people who do look with compassionate eyes at the dogs and cats that live in homelessness.

This is what this man did in the Jangurussu neighborhood in Fortaleza, Brazil, to help a little dog that was trying to get out of a manhole.

The dog named Tontom had been trapped in the sewer for 18 hours until Evenilson Pinto, a neighbor in the area, rescued him.

The little dog was getting desperate with every passing minute, all he wanted was to be free again.

It was a friend of Evenilson’s who alerted him to the situation of the poor little dog who was asking for help, so he did not hesitate to approach the place to rescue him and recorded the emotional moment without waiting for thousands of people to react in admiration for his gesture.

Tontom had fallen into the manhole, a neighbor saw him from the sidewalk.

“He went to investigate, it is not known how he fell in there, he was about 300 meters deep, desperate. He walked inside the pipe and ended up getting stuck,” Evenilson related.

A group of neighbors stayed close to the area where the dog was, they were in charge of bringing him water and food so that he could survive while they called for help to rescue him. Although they called the firefighters, they did not come to the scene.

But Evenilson was willing to do anything to save the little dog who wanted to live.

“The little dog was very grumpy. We were afraid of the conditions in which he might get out. Another concern was the rain. Because the weather was getting worse.

The place where the puppy was trapped was very deep so in case it rained he could drown and possibly die,” recounted the man who became the animal’s hero.

Finally, with the help of neighbors who were at the site, he managed to break through the concrete to free the dog. He pulled it out in his arms and everyone celebrated that they had accomplished their mission.

Had they not joined forces to save the dog, he would have had the worst possible outcome after spending so much time trapped inside that manhole.

But luckily, Tontom came out healthy and without any injuries, he was very exhausted, he had had a very difficult and distressing experience. For 18 long hours he was trapped in the sewer, in the dark, with the uncertainty of what his fate might be.

It is admirable the work this man did with the help of neighbors who did not rest until they saw the little dog out of danger.

In Brazil, the numbers of animals surviving in deplorable conditions on the streets are worrying, and the authorities do not guarantee that the rights of abandoned animals are enforced, nor do they implement effective policies to prevent abandonment.

That is why it is so important that there are caring people willing to make a difference. We applaud those who make happy endings like the one this puppy had possible.

We hope that the doggie will not suffer a similar incident again and that he can count on the protection of a family that will love him forever. That is what all abandoned dogs deserve.

We will not get tired of raising our voices to fight against abandonment and unfair treatment, we all have in our hands the opportunity to help so many innocent animals in need.

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