Doggie touches his owner when he approaches with nebulizer to help him breathe

The nobility of dogs always captivates our hearts, they know perfectly well how to offer us their friendship, protection and comfort even when they are not at their best.

Having them as a pet is a blessing, at their side life is an adventure full of mischief, sometimes of chaos at home and of little hairs everywhere that remind us how lucky we are to have them as our best friends.

When their health is affected it is very sad, we feel helpless not being able to alleviate their pain and we do everything we can so they can be the same, healthy and with a lot of vitality.

This is well known by the family of this Golden Retriever dog that has become a celebrity in the networks after a video was broadcast in which he was nebulized in order to cure him of the disease he was suffering from.

The owners of this adorable dog named Fred were worried when the vets diagnosed him with a severe case of cough.

They were really distressed, especially when his condition worsened and they noticed that he was having difficulty breathing normally.

Faced with that challenge, the vet told them that it was imperative that the dog be hooked up to a nebulizer in order to help him.

Knowing that Fred is extremely playful and mischievous, the family was very fearful. It was in their pet’s nature to remain restless most of the time, so he would most likely refuse to stay hooked up to the nebulizer.

If he did not receive this treatment, his life was in danger. It was very important for the dog to wear the breathing mask.

Even though they were frightened, they held on to the hope that the dog would agree to receive the treatment, and when Fred’s mother approached him with the nebulizer they were all very touched by his reaction.

The dog’s response was totally unexpected, he seemed to understand that it was necessary for him to remain with the mask in order to be cured.

The family recorded the moment when he was given the treatment and thousands of people around the world were also moved by the intelligence and tenderness of the sick dog who did his part to alleviate his condition.

They were able to connect him to the nebulizer without any difficulty.

The dog did not even show fear or refuse the nebulizer, he fully trusts his owner and that shows that he feels safe, loved and protected by the family.

Fred silently obeyed his mother’s instructions and then allowed the machine to continue doing its job. The dog understood that it was necessary for him to cooperate, he knew it would alleviate his symptoms.

While receiving the treatment, the tender dog cuddled with his favorite toy and even slept peacefully.

For all the family members, it was amazing to see the reaction of the dog, who did not hesitate to cooperate with them from the very first moment, despite how unpleasant it was for him to be immobile and connected to the mask.

The intelligence of dogs should never be underestimated, and Fred certainly seemed to be aware that he had to make a sacrifice in order to collaborate with his owners and the veterinarian while they were fighting for his recovery.


According to the doctor treating the dog, he will need to receive medication through the nebulizer for several weeks in order for him to make a full recovery.

Fortunately, Fred is willing to continue to cooperate with his family so he can breathe well and continue to play as he always has, energetic and healthy.

He is very fortunate to have people who consider him a member of the family and look out for his well-being.

We hope Fred recovers soon and that all dogs have a warm and loving home.

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