Elderly dog kicked out of his home collapsed and waited for his time to come

An elderly dog is a little animal that deserves all the love and care, in honor of so many years of faithfulness and service to the people it loves.

But one family’s senior pet, which should have remained indoors, enjoying the quiet and peaceful life, was thrown like an old piece of furniture into the yard of the house.

The poor dog was forced to endure the cold and rain. It was logical that his joints ached and besides, he was very hungry.

The old dog thrown out of his house collapsed, awaiting his end.

When a rescue group was contacted and came to help him, they thought the dog was already lifeless and actually cried for him.

But when one of the rescuers came over for one last petting, he realized that, although his condition was pitiful, the little old man was still breathing.

Although his body appeared stiff and he was slumped over the side of a sort of makeshift bed they had outside, the dog struggled to hold on.

However, you could see that he had clung so tightly to life that he now seemed to have already given up and was just waiting for his time to come.

“Looking at his poor broken body breaks our hearts. It’s almost as if he had given up and was just waiting for his time to come,” Paws 4 Hope rescuers said in the touching video of his rescue.

They named the puppy Kesto

Fortunately, luck was smiling on this older dog and he would still have a second chance at life. They weren’t sure how long he would live, but they refused to let him die like that. So they took him in their arms and brought him to the shelter.

The saddest thing is that it was demonstrated that for the family he was a nuisance, they did not even deign to go out to say goodbye to their faithful dog, the same one that had dedicated so many precious years by their side. Their infinite fidelity was repaid with ingratitude, indifference and not a hint of compassion.

Kesto was 15 years old

When he was taken to the vet, he was found to be suffering from hypothermia and had a large tumor in his stomach. The mass caused internal bleeding. He was medicated for all his ailments and they were determined to shower him with love.

In a matter of just 2 hours, Kesto improved drastically. He was even able to lift his little head. So the vet gave their heroes the best news:

He was ready to go to a foster home.

One of the volunteers confessed that elderly dogs are her biggest weakness, so she was counting down the hours until she could take him home with her.

Kesto enjoyed his first real meal, which was no cheap kibble – he loved it!

His new foster mom then showed him that he would have a warm bed next to his new foster brother.

Kesto couldn’t believe that sleeping inside a house full of love could be so beautiful.

He slept warm and happy for the first time in his life.

However, despite his improvement, Kesto’s new mom understood that the older dog didn’t have much time left. That’s why she wanted to make sure he spent the best last moments, full of happiness, by her side.

Every day she would dedicate an exclusive session of hugs and caresses to him, talking in his ear and telling him how important he was to her; that even if it had been late, he had come to transform her life and touch her heart forever.

Kesto seemed to understand this and gazed at his new human, grateful.

They took the most beautiful walks, watched movies and cuddled together in eternal naps.

Kesto had the grandiose opportunity to know what it is like to live as a truly loved pet.

Months later, the shelter shared the sad news of his departure:

“It is never easy for us to share sad news. Our beloved Kesto left the earth today. He lost the battle due to his advanced age.”

Thank you to the rescuers and Kesto’s mother for allowing him to enjoy his last minutes in a loving home! It’s hard to hold back the tears.

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