Elderly shelter puppy paws at woman and tells her it’s time to let him go

Sadly, not every senior puppy spends their golden years surrounded by love and getting all the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, the reality for these furry dogs suffering in shelters is completely different.

While many people approach rescue centers in search of a new addition to the family, potential adopters tend to opt for puppies and are indifferent to the elderly dogs with health problems.

This puppy spent most of his life locked up in a shelter.

For the shelter volunteers, it is heartbreaking to see an older puppy being ignored and begging to have the same chance as a younger dog.

The hope for them is almost nil, however, the staff never gives up until they make it possible for all the furry ones to get their desired home.

While that happens, the hearts of the dogs that are ignored by everyone get to break into a thousand pieces.

This is the story of an older puppy who spent years in the shelter. His hopes of getting a loving home had completely faded, until one day a woman decided to change the course of his story.

Due to his age and delicate health condition, he was not considered the best choice among adopters.

Emma is the name of the woman who became a true angel for this older puppy, after a call the shelter made all the arrangements to release him and move him to his new home.

His adoptive mother knew the puppy’s delicate health condition, but when she saw him she knew he had lived a real hell. He was just skin and bones, much of his back was missing fur. However, something in his eyes won Emma over.

The woman called the puppy Earl

Once the puppy was in his new home Emma tried to feed him, but he had no appetite. She had to resort to syringe feeding, only a few days later he started eating on his own while lying down.

As if that wasn’t enough, his breathing was very slow and his stomach began to swell, at these discouraging signs Emma took him to the vet where he was given an even more heartbreaking diagnosis.

Earl was diagnosed with end-stage heart failure.

The vet told her that if he survived the night, there was hope. That’s how serious his condition was. The next day Earl demonstrated the will he had to live and amazingly beat all odds.

“We got up and he gave me his paw, actually gave me a kiss and rolled over. His eyes were full of hope. His fur started to grow and he started gaining weight. She went from a life expectancy of three weeks to almost seven weeks and she is still here with us. He seems happier every day,” Emma commented.

Earl is a true miracle of life, despite the fact that the vet said he was probably about a month old he has already spent more than seven months and is still getting stronger.

This adorable ball of fur has not only managed to defy death, but is spending his last days being loved like never before. Without a doubt, the best ending for a little dog that reflects hope and reminds us that nothing is impossible with the right people.

Many older dogs need a home, a second chance that makes them feel special. Please consider adopting a senior furry and be a bridge of love between these furry angels who wish to cross the rainbow leaving traces of love.

In this touching video you can see the incredible journey of this little dog who had lost all hope:

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