Excavator succeeds in saving poor elephant that kept sliding down a hill

There are people who are capable of treating animals unfairly, but there are also groups of rescuers and dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to help them survive.

We are often unaware of how much it means to an animal in distress to give a little bit of our time.

Luckily, a group of people in India reminded us how nice it is to use our time and tools to help others.

An elephant in Siddapur was exploring a bit away from his herd when he fell down a hill.

As you might expect, he was very frightened and tried to climb up as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the steepness of the terrain made the climb very difficult for him.

The elephant tried as hard as he could, but when he was about to go over the hill, the earth slipped under his feet.

Some men who happened to be around saw him struggling again and again against the slope and realized that they had to do something to help him.

They found a bulldozer and set out to give him the little push he so desperately needed. The elephant lay motionless a few inches from the top. He was holding on with his front legs as he tried to pull his back legs up but was unable to do so.

Very carefully, they moved the excavator so that they positioned it close to the hind legs and began to gently push it up.

Within minutes, the beautiful animal was walking on solid ground again.

The elephant seemed relieved and returned for a few short seconds to take a closer look at the bulldozer. Some say he wanted to thank you for your help, others believe he felt threatened by the huge machine.

What is certain is that it was a wonderful idea to use the excavator for such an honorable purpose.

A few moments later the men set off some firecrackers, but with no intention of hurting the elephant. They wanted to get him back to his forest before he fell back down the hill.

“This melted my heart. I think he used his head to thank them for saving him,” one user commented on the networks.

The impressive video was released on the networks by Satish Shah and went viral in a matter of days. It has received almost two million views and generated an important discussion about the importance of using everything in our power to help animals. If it weren’t for these men, the exhausted elephant might not have made it back to his own kind.

Don’t leave without sharing this beautiful and inspiring rescue.

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