Faithful dog waits for 15 days for the one he loved the most without knowing he had passed away

A dog waited for his best friend for days hoping to be reunited with him, not knowing that he would never return. The poor dog was left heartbroken because his owner’s life was extinguished forever.

The loyal dog stood for two weeks in front of the entrance of a college waiting for his friend to return, just as he did every day to share and even eat together.

The animal named Buboy lived on the street, but, although he had no home the professor took care of him. For four years he fed him and watched over his well-being, they created a very special bond.

Every day they met at the university, the dog would wait for Professor Carmelito Marcelo outside the faculty office at Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, Philippines. But one day, the professor missed his usual appointment with his beloved pet.

Buboy waited at the same place for the professor, but unfortunately he passed away due to a stroke.

The poor dog was looking for his best friend at the entrance of the school, scratching at the door, not understanding why he did not see again the person who fed him and gave him all the love he needed.

For all the students of the educational center it was heartbreaking to find the dog wandering around the places where the teacher would be.

The dog followed him everywhere, they were inseparable, they even ate lunch together.

According to one professor Kristina Demafelix, the professor had created such a special bond with the dog that even on those days when he had no class scheduled he would come to the university to visit him.

She recounted that the dog, Buboy, came to Professor Marcelo’s office when he was rushed to the hospital. It was as if she sensed something was wrong.

And she was not wrong, indeed Professor Marcelo was diagnosed with a stroke and unfortunately did not survive the consequences it caused in his body.

The teacher was so moved by the dog’s behavior that she decided to help him understand the truth. Despite the pain, it was necessary that he could come to terms with the reality that he would never see his faithful friend.

“I couldn’t express all the pain because I didn’t know what happened. Suddenly the teacher did not come to school, but the dog waited outside the faculty, where he is always waiting for him, always waiting for his arrival.”

Professor Kristina decided to take the dog to Marcelo’s wake to help the animal understand Buboy’s departure and begin the grieving process for the loss he had suffered. She was confident that he would be able to understand that she would not see him again and would say a last goodbye.

When the dog arrived at the funeral his reaction moved not only the teacher but everyone present.

The dog seemed to understand everything, saw his faithful friend in the coffin and said goodbye to him.

Faculty members have wanted to show solidarity with Buboy and join their efforts to take care of him among all of them, although they know that none of them will be able to replace the love that the deceased professor offered him.

“The whole school is worried about Buboy and the faculty has become his home,” said the teacher.

Luckily, the dog will be able to count on the support of his best friend’s colleagues, who will never leave him alone. They will make sure he is well fed, healthy and, above all, happy.

They will offer him tokens of love in the name of his deceased companion and thus pay tribute to him by doing what he would have liked to do – he would never leave the dog he shared with him for years alone.

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