Family looks out the window and sees their puppy warming up a stray kitten

A family has witnessed one of the most adorable scenes after seeing their puppy cuddled up next to a kitten. Bailey is the name of the little dog who spent her early years tolerating unfair treatment.

Unfortunately, for some people puppies are nothing more than an option to increase their income, this is the case of Bailey’s former owners, who kept her to breed her for the quality of her breed, forced her to give birth over and over again without any rest, affecting her life considerably.

Family contemplates their dog giving love to a feral kitten.

Fortunately, her life changed forever and she now enjoys a healthy life surrounded by wonderful people. Although it has been several years since Bailey gave birth, she still retains her protective instincts.

Recently, she proved that she is still a mother at heart. This adorable ball of fur is 17 years old and never ceases to amaze her family with all the love she has to give.

Arthur and his family rescued Bailey in 2007.

A few months ago the family moved to a rural area, although they suspected there was a feral kitten lurking around they never saw it up close. However, their little dog did a much more thorough investigation to track down the mysterious guest.

“Bailey frequented the backyard to find it,” said Arthur the puppy’s foster father.

While the family wasn’t sure what their puppy was up to, one day it became clear when they looked out the window and saw a small kitten curled up between Bailey’s little paws.

The furry pair looked very comfortable, a small feral cat resting against the warm body of a protective puppy.

“Bailey has never befriended a wild animal before. It just shows how affectionate she is. She has always been extremely sweet,” said Arthur.

The sweet little dog showed her family the nobility of her heart so they couldn’t keep their arms open. They opened the doors of their home to her and made her a member.

Without hesitation, the little kitten conquered all the members of his new family, not only the humans, but especially the puppy who cared for and protected him at all times.

The family named him Kitty-Cat.

Life for this sweet kitty changed satisfactorily, now he spends his days under a safe roof enjoying all the meals in his new home.

“Kitty-Cat-Cat now lives inside with us. He follows Bailey around almost like a puppy. It’s safe to say he is now part of the family. Kitty-Pitty loves being inside and interacting with everyone, but especially Bailey.”

Apparently, for this puppy, her calling as a mother will never pass. The family assures us that as the cold season arrives, the bond between this pair is that much closer.

How beautiful to see that both got a new chance thanks to the infinite love and kindness that characterizes the family. Fortunately the hearts of both furries were healed.

“They couldn’t be happier,” said Arthur.

This beautiful duo came to understand each other perfectly, when they are not cuddling they enjoy discovering every nook and cranny of the hunt.

This is by far one of those stories that shows us the love for each other. The furry ones once again show us that the best language of love is our actions.

Thanks to this family that has been a bridge of love in the lives of vulnerable furries. Let’s continue to inspire and bet on being those agents of change that add up and make a difference.

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