Fight to save anteater that tried to escape fire when its home caught fire

Sadly, animals are exposed to an endless number of situations that put their safety and even their lives at risk, especially when they are mercilessly stalked by powerful flames.

Brazil, being a highly forested country, is frequently affected by forest fires that endanger all living beings that inhabit it, since regardless of their size, they all face a situation that overwhelms them and in which they need help.

This is the sad situation experienced by an anteater named Vivi, who was found with severe burns on her docile body, especially on her paws and tail.

She lived the worst experience

When rescuers met Vivi they could not help but be moved by the sad situation. They found her in the municipality of Primavera do Leste, located 235 kilometers from Cuiabá; her home was on fire and she was completely desperate, trying to escape from the place.

“It is terrible to see such a beautiful animal wounded, they need us”, wrote an internet user moved by what happened.

Fortunately for this docile mammal, veterinarian Kleber Martins did not hesitate to help her, even if that meant risking his own life by entering inside the fire zone.

“This is not the first case of wild animals treated by the hospital. We try to offer the best service so that we can return these animals to the wild in the best possible health,” said the veterinarian.

Vivi continues to be under strict medical care and there is still no expected date for her to be released back into the wild. In the meantime, she is being showered with affection by the entire team of veterinarians who are watching over her well-being.

The story of this defenseless anteater has caused consternation in thousands of users of networks around the world, who consider that everything is due to human wickedness that unleashes the wrath of Mother Nature.

“I almost cried seeing that tenderness hurt like that! Human beings are so mean to nature! The planet is asking for help and nature is screaming. I don’t know where this is all going to end,” exclaimed another netizen.

It has not yet been possible to survey how many innocent animals have already been rescued due to the fires in Primavera do Leste, but many more are in urgent need of help to get out of the hell that their beloved home has become.

It is time to reflect on our actions as human beings, to stop doing so much harm to our environment and open our hearts towards all the animals that show us the true meaning of unconditional love and kindness.

Share this dramatic story with all your friends and don’t stop raising your voice for the animals. We celebrate the solidarity of the heroes who make a difference and give them another chance.

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