Funny husky refuses to be taken away from what he loves most in the world

Buster is a husky furry who is very clear about his main passion in life: snow. And he’s not about to let it be taken away from him without putting up a fight first.

The husky dog lives with his family in the city of St. Catharines in Canada.

From the time he was very small, the little dog went crazy with joy at the snowfall and wanted to spend so much time in the garden that his owners couldn’t get him back in the house.

Like most furries of this breed, Buster has a tolerant and calm temperament, but he is very stubborn.

“It can be quite a challenge to bring him inside the house late at night. Buster would rather sleep in a pile of snow. He jumps and dives in the snow like a dolphin in water,” said Michael Kapusty, Buster’s father.

His love of snow reached hilarious levels when the first snow of the year fell and the sweet husky thought he wouldn’t be able to enjoy his well-deserved snow.

A couple of months ago, beautiful Buster was enjoying the snow and didn’t notice one of the humans cleaning up the yard.

When Buster’s owner started to clear the snow near him, the little dog was not happy about it at all. In the most stubborn way possible, Buster sat down on a pile of snow and became completely immobile.

“This was the first snowfall of the year and he didn’t like the fact that we were taking it away from him. He came over and sat in the middle of it,” Michael explained.

For several minutes, his owner tried to get him out of there to continue his work but the funny husky seemed really determined to get a well-deserved bit of snow.

“It was a very typical Buster moment. I asked him to move, but the expression in his eyes told me he wasn’t going to,” Kapusty said.

The situation continued like that for a long while. Regardless of the humans’ tricks to distract the little dog, Buster was determined to protect his precious treasure at all costs.

Finally, he realized that he could no longer fight and moved looking very disappointed.

“He just stood there until I finished shoveling all the snow around him. Only then did he know he had lost the battle,” said Kapusty.

That’s when he realized there was still a lot of snow outside his house and he went there at full speed to continue enjoying his play session.

Buster’s expression in the snow said it all. The mischievous little dog was not at all happy about the outrageous fact that his humans removed the snow from the yard, but fortunately he will still have plenty of snowfall left to enjoy.

Michael and his family madly adore the funny furry fellow and every time winter comes they make sure to leave him a little snowy corner so Buster can roll around and enjoy his favorite time of the year to the fullest.

However, this does not take away the possibility of the husky having his wonderful “tantrum” moments.

Husky dogs are adapted to extremely low temperatures, and with their double coat of fur can comfortably withstand temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Buster knows exactly what he wants and if his humans don’t listen to him he knows to protest.

Would you dare take Buster’s precious snow away from him? The cute husky has made it clear that he needs his dose of cold and he will fight for it.


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