Golden puppy with a little ear in the middle of the head looks like a sweet golden unicorn

Have you ever heard of a golden unicorn puppy? Well, yes, she exists. She is Rae, a furry dog that caused a stir on digital platforms around the world. But, not precisely because she is the product of the mythological animal and a canine, but because she was born with an injury that severed her left ear.

She is Rae, the beautiful golden retriever that looks like a unicorn.

This accidental situation made Rae a very cute and nice animal to look at. A unique and very special being. Because, the truth is, there is nothing on Earth more touching than a puppy, whatever its breed.

But, in addition, if it is a Golden Retriever like our protagonist, the “tenderness meter” rises even more until it explodes. Definitely, just crossing her gaze with yours is an invitation to love.

Rae lost her ear at birth. No one imagined that, in time, the other ear would grow right in the middle of her head. This is an unprecedented phenomenon, never before seen or documented. Therefore, it makes Rae a very, very special unicorn puppy. An out-of-the-ordinary puppy, no doubt about it.

“She looks like a fluff, she is very tender and playful, despite her condition”, her caregiver assured.

Thanks to so much tenderness and her peculiar unicorn characteristic, the dog went viral in the networks in a matter of minutes. Her image was posted on the Tik-Tok platform by a woman identified by the name of Sam.

“She has only one ear, and in the middle of her head. It looks a little strange, but it’s simply adorable,” commented a user upon seeing the publication.

And no wonder, the reasons are obvious: it’s impossible not to melt in front of his little face and his ear in the shape of a horn. The organ folds and opens profusely over her head, as if it were a small valve.

Pampering, cuddling, pampering… Call it what you will, but if you see this beautiful little unicorn dog, you will surely understand sweetness. It will make you run to hug her and give her all your human warmth and unconditional love.

Only those who love animals, or have the privilege of sharing their lives with a pet, know perfectly well what this bond is all about. It is that deep unconditional love that makes us give ourselves to them without further ado.

There is nothing better than being welcomed home by your pet. That warm moment when she jumps into your arms to say: “Welcome home”.

That’s why some people talk to and treat dogs or cats like their children. Not everyone understands it, but they do know the language of tenderness.

It is this insistence in wanting to stay lying as close as possible to their favorite person, which evidences the love that animals transmit and express. So does Rae the unicorn dog.

Her spectacular little horn is an essential part of her charm. Her mere presence is synonymous with tenderness. This is what generates in her caretaker Sam the loyalty and fervent kissing towards her doggy life companion, as shown in the video.

It’s impossible not to love Rae immediately

Besides, our pets improve our psychological state, mood, and transform our homes into a much happier relaxing space. And if you don’t believe it, just ask Sam, Rae’s loving caregiver.

The fact is, the company of an animal puts an end to loneliness. It relieves everyday stress. It combats depression and anxiety. This adds up to make the decision to adopt them and integrate them into our family environment. Don’t think twice. Adopt an animal to make your life a happier and more bearable one.


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