Golden retriever finally finds his dad in the mirror while they were playing hide and seek

Golden retrievers are typically large dogs but with a spirit like that of a child. No matter how grown up the canine is, we can assure you that even in their later years they will be as playful and silly as the first day.

An adorable golden retriever is melting hearts with a viral video

This time we show you a funny video that has made us cry with laughter and that’s why it has circulated so much in the networks.

It is the recording in which the naive Moose is tricked by his own dad.

This Golden puppy loves to play with his humans and they often hide and tease him to encourage him to chase them.

One afternoon at play Shane and Lindsay, the couple responsible for the canine, didn’t hold back their desire to trick him.

The golden is 10 months old and lives in California, USA.

In the short recording, the puppy can be seen playing hide-and-seek with his owner. Shane hides in the bathroom and the mischievous Golden comes in looking for him. The furry one lurks in the shower area, looking for his dad but doesn’t seem to notice his presence.

Meanwhile, Lindsay waits in the hallway and notices Shane hiding behind the bathroom door.

Golden insisted on looking for him in the shower.

The woman discovers him thanks to the vanity mirror, but the innocent Moose doesn’t seem to notice the obvious, that’s when the young man decides to call him to guide him with his voice.

“Where is he?” asks Shane ironically on the recording.

The Golden recognizes his voice and goes back into the bathroom, but is surprised to find himself face to face with his doppelganger and his daddy pointing the cell phone at him.

In reality there was no puppy and Shane hadn’t been trapped in the wall either, as Moose might have thought, but that’s something not all animals can recognize.

The Golden’s bewildered little face is heartwarming, which is why so many people have shared and laughed at the footage.

Even if it was all a game, poor Moose couldn’t recognize him.

For dogs, the ability to recognize is based more on their sense of smell than on their vision, which is why these animals are not able to recognize themselves when they are in front of a mirror.

Dogs react when they see their image reflected but are not aware that it is themselves.

Unlike monkeys, dolphins and elephants who are able to know.

After Moose comes out of shock, Golden quickly turns to Dad to catch him. It seems only at that moment that he realizes the deception of which he had been victimized by his own innocence and moves from stupor to action.

But this giant is a real cutie and only approaches daddy as if eager to continue the action. For our pets we will always be the best, even if we take advantage of their innocence to spend with them unique moments that we will treasure in our hearts.

See for yourself the moment of deception and the Golden’s tender little face in action:

But Moose has nothing to worry about because he’s not the only puppy to get a surprise in front of the mirror.

Shane got a good laugh out of the footage, even if the prank was unplanned. What is true and planned is that both he and his partner are happy to have the Golden at home and are determined to give him all their love.

These dogs are as cute as can be and their innocence never ceases to move us. That is why it is important that you always remember to love and understand them.

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