He was not invited to his owner’s wedding but he chased her for 9 km to tell her he loved her

Fugui’s incredible gesture of love on his owner’s wedding day is a clear example that a dog will always want to be part of the lives of those he loves the most.

A dog’s loyalty has no limits. These furry friends become our shadow when we decide to make them part of our family, so they will not hesitate to stay with their humans at all times no matter if they are in the worst or the best time of their lives.

This mixed-breed puppy lives in China with his owner, Fu Xi

When the tender and loyal Fugui knew that the big day in his mother’s life had arrived, he didn’t want to leave her alone. It was only logical. A puppy that has been in the hard and happy moments of a human, will never want to miss the happiest day of his favorite person.

But contrary to what the furry dog imagined, it seems that the family decided to ignore him and did not consider his presence at the ceremony.

However, this mattered little to the faithful little animal who traveled no less than 9 kilometers to be with his human mom at that special moment.

He was not willing to let anything separate them

This canine had been Fu Xi’s unconditional companion for the past two years and she planned to take him with her, but for unknown reasons the family refused.

Some people don’t understand the great bonds that can be established with a pet.

But, as Fugui cares little about this, he decided to attend by his own means just to tell her that despite not inviting him, he truly loved her.

The little dog walked for miles to accompany his mother.

As soon as Fugui saw that his mother was leaving home without him, he understood that it was time to show her with deeds how much he loved her.

He chased her along the long route of the wedding caravan from the house to the place where the ceremony was to be held.

That’s how surprised the poor man was at the beginning of the journey.

The touching story reached the networks, after a video was made public in which Fugui runs terrified down the street.

Since the scenes went viral on the Douyin platform, China’s version of TikTok.

“Here I am with you, mom!”

Some users criticized the fact that the owners let the furry one perform such a marathon, but finally, the girlfriend’s parents are seen opening their car door for the furry one to climb in beside her.

However, he is quite a determined canine and Fugui declines the invitation to continue running after the car carrying his human mother.

Arriving at the groom’s house, where the wedding was to take place, the poor little animal finally gets his well-deserved rest. Fugui achieved his goal and every meter he walked was absolutely worth it, as he got to be part of his human mother’s special day.

Fu Xi was finally reunited with her friend after the ceremony.

Watch the touching video for yourself:

Without a doubt, she now knows that in addition to her husband, she has a protector who has sworn eternal fidelity to her.

The little furry one is already living in the happy couple’s new home and the images of their marathon journey continue to make the networks fall in love.

Anyway, we hope that the couple has realized how much he loves them, and that they will never make him go through such a traumatic event again. He probably thought he would never see her again, and that’s too much for his sweet heart.

Every demonstration of love should be appreciated but without a doubt, Fugui’s exceeded all expectations. We don’t deserve them!

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