He went so many days without food that he forgot how to eat, until a woman helped him

A little dog whose skeleton could only be seen after “forgetting how to eat”, shocked the woman who saw him. No innocent creature like him deserves to go through something like this, fortunately he received the help he needed a long time ago.

Unfortunately, many dogs suffer the worst injustices and abandonment by those who once promised to take care of them.

They end up on the streets without any kind of shelter and exposed to multiple circumstances that put their physical and emotional health at risk.

This is what happened recently when a woman in Tampa, Florida, saw something strange in the window of her home.

When she approached, she noticed that it was a poor poodle in a severe state of malnutrition and looking sickly, so she quickly contacted a shelter for help.

He went so many days without a bite to eat that he forgot how to eat.

“The woman mentioned that from the window he appeared to be just a skeleton. So she went inside her house and called animal control,” said Debbie Goldsberry, founder of Senior Paws Sanctuary.

When animal control officers arrived on the scene, they discovered that there were actually three dogs about to starve to death.

They immediately rushed to their aid, but two of them died shortly thereafter.

The poodle that leaned out of the window barely managed to stay alive. On medical examination it was discovered that he was 9 years old, suffered from diabetes, had a tumor on his foot, a skin infection and most of his fur was missing.

They named him Beni

Due to his serious condition, Beni was rushed to a local shelter where the staff did everything they could to help him.

However, his condition was beyond critical and he was placed on the euthanasia list. Before he was euthanized, shelter managers wrote an email about Beni and it reached Goldsberry, who offered to care for him.

“If a rescue didn’t take him into their care, he wasn’t going to make it. We rounded up our volunteers and got him transported to South Fort Myers,” Goldsberry said.

The noble woman made sure Beni was immediately seen by a veterinarian, however, no one could ensure he would survive.

“He had forgotten how to eat. We would put food in his mouth, but he didn’t know how to eat it. Also, if he managed to swallow the food, his body couldn’t process it,” Goldsberry mentioned.

Fortunately, Beni was able to remember how to eat and gradually recovered. When he was finally released, he found the home he’d never had before at the sanctuary Goldsberry coordinates, along with 26 other rescue dogs.

Every day the little dog gets a little better and has learned that he deserves to be loved, in the arms of the woman who saved his life.

“I guess he realized that people care about him. He started to eat and drink a little. It’s unimaginable to suffer from such hunger to the point of forgetting how to eat. Seeing him wagging his tail for the first time and picking up his toys was incredible,” she said.

Thanks to the love Beni has received, his diabetes has stabilized and his black fur has grown back brighter than ever.

However, when the tumor was removed from his foot, the veterinarian discovered that he had terminal cancer and he is currently in the third of five stages of the disease.

Despite all this, Beni remains positive about life and is completely grateful to have a home where he can feel loved and cared for, everything he ever deserved.

To learn more about this little dog’s inspiring life, you can follow his day-to-day life on his Instagram account. Our best wishes are with him.

We are thrilled that this vulnerable little dog found an angel when he was encouraged to look out the window at her. We send him blessings so that he can cope in the best way with his terminal cancer.

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