“Her look of pain says it all” – The puppy found starving and on the verge of collapse

The profound look of pain of a poor little dog, totally in bones, definitely pierced the hearts of her heroes.

Although the images of her deplorable state have shocked millions, her comforting end restores our faith in humanity.

Some say that the eyes are the window to the soul and in the case of a beautiful and innocent little dog named Hadley, it is evident that she had to go through the worst of fates. A woman found her on the streets and was heartbroken.

When Hadley was found, she was absolutely starving and on the verge of collapse.

She was so weak she could barely move her little head, so the woman who found her didn’t hesitate to contact the rescuers at Stray Rescue St. Louis to plead for help.

Despite all their years of experience and having dealt with countless injured puppies, the rescuers were shocked.

“We don’t really know what happened but he sure had to go through hell,” lamented one rescuer.

No one could get a real sense of what the helpless furry girl had to go through.

The sweet little dog really was one of the most serious cases. She was named Hadley and was carefully taken to the vet.

She was truly exhausted and with her sweet eyes she kept asking for help from every human that crossed her path.

“This little dog has broken our hearts. Making any movement is a titanic effort for her,” said one of the rescuers.

All her bones were exposed, it was the most heartbreaking thing to see.

The veterinarians could only wonder how she had managed to survive in such a precarious situation, but the important thing was that she was finally in good hands that would help her fight for her life.

“This little angel needs our prayers. She can’t get up and was on the verge of starvation. We hope we found her just in time,” said a Stray Rescue spokesperson.

Her heartbreaking look of pain begging for help said it all

They began giving her small, steady doses of food. She had probably been starving for weeks or months, so they had to help her resume her feeding very, very carefully.

She had the sweetest look on her face ever.

In a state of health like Hadley’s, getting too much food could become very dangerous.

Hadley needed round-the-clock care and one of the vets decided to take her under her wing.

“Hadley is beautiful. I’m so sorry for everything she had to go through. Her look of pain says it all,” said a spokesperson for Stray Rescue.

But little by little, so much love would make up for so much neglect and evil.

Emily became her new human mom and took a couple of days to devote all her time to Hadley. It won’t be an easy process but the sweet dog has started to recover.

She is now a dog that feels totally loved and will never go hungry again:

It is truly a miracle that this furry little dog managed to survive. We will never know the whole truth about her difficult past, but it is truly outrageous to know that someone allowed the poor dog to have to come to such a pitiful state of health.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all who were involved in her recovery, and to her new human mom who pulled her out of the abyss to give her the better life she always deserved.

If you see a furry furry in distress, don’t hesitate to support it or contact a rescuer. This may be the last chance she has to fight for her life – never forget that!


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