Here the candidates the replacement for The C-130H Hercules

International Military – South Korea is known to still use the C-130H Hercules aircraft. With the use of the C-130H Hercules, the South Korean military transport aircraft is very old. Moreover, there is information on the page, that the South Korean Air Force uses 2 types of Hercules aircraft.

Starting from the C-130H Hercules to the C-130H-30, they are still serving in the South Korean Air Force until now. But there is also a list of information if the South Korean Air Force also uses the C-130J Hercules aircraft.

Therefore, the South Korean Air Force remains a user country for Hercules aircraft of the C-130H, C-130H-30, and C-130J types. Especially there is information if South Korea has plans to replace its C-130H to a new type. And information about the planned replacement of the South Korean Air Force C-130H Hercules aircraft was explained by foreign media.

Quoted from, there are 5 types of replacement aircraft for the South Korean Air Force C-130H Hercules. Like the A400M, C-390 Millennium, C-2 Kawasaki, An-178, and the favorite is the C-130-30J Super Hercules. Therefore, there are 5 types of heavyweight transport aircraft that will become candidates for the South Korean Air Force in the future. Then the most unique thing is that in the 5 candidates there are 2 types of turboprop aircraft and 3 types of turbofans.

In addition, there was an explanation about the A400M about its capabilities which was alluded to by South Korean parliamentarians. “Some South Korean lawmakers have repeatedly recalled that the in-flight refueling capabilities of the A400M Atlas have been of particular concern locally,” explains

From this explanation, there is an assumption that the A400M might be chosen by South Korea. It should be noted that the A400M aircraft has advantages regarding compartment cargo space. Quoted from the page, the A400M aircraft compartment cargo space apparently has a width of 4 meters.

From the 4 meter width, the A400M aircraft also has a height of 3.85 meters and a length of 17.7 meters. From the cargo compartment of the A400M aircraft compartment, heavyweight cargo can be loaded.

It is also known that the A400M has a classy and sophisticated engine. It is known if the A400M aircraft engine is named the TP400 turboprop. Citing, the A400M’s TP40 turboprop engine has reached 200,000 flight hours. Not only that, the TP40 turboprop engine on the A400M has 8 propeller blades.

Although the type of engine on the A400M aircraft is a TP400 turboprop type, its advantages have been proven. This is seen when the A400M takes off on a non-asphalt runway and has a short length on the coast. In addition, the TP400 turboprop engine on the A400M aircraft also plays a role in heavy transport.

It is said that the A400M aircraft is capable of carrying a heavy load of up to 37 tons and can carry 116 parachutists. From the performance of the TP400 turboprop engine, it is known that the A400M aircraft is capable of flying up to 12.2 km high. This makes the A400M aircraft also have a subsonic speed of Mach 0.72. The cruising range of the A400M aircraft also has a range of 4,800 km. While the farthest distance of the A400M aircraft can reach a distance of 8,900 km in one go.

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