Heroic action of a puppy saving a girl from a rattlesnake

Haus is a rescue puppy who performed a heroic deed and ended up saving a little girl from a rattlesnake attack in Florida. Donya DeLuca adopted this brave ball of fur from Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue in Tampa-Florida.

From the first moment he arrived at his new home, he won the hearts of everyone in the family, which consists of Donya, Adam, and their two children, Molly, 7, and Joey, 4.

Doggy saves girl from rattlesnake.

The mother comments that the puppy created a great bond not only with her family, but with the neighbors, his tenderness and protective instinct making him look even more adorable. Everyone who meets him quickly falls in love with him.

“He just bonded with all of us so quickly, it was like he was always part of our household. Even the neighbors accepted him. He’s very protective of the kids, especially in the evenings. He follows them around, takes care of them,” DeLuca said.

Recently, Haus proved his loyalty when he protected the little girl from a rattlesnake that appeared in the backyard. Her family was unaware of what was going on until they saw blood everywhere.

“She immediately got between the snake and Molly, so at first, she and her grandmother didn’t even realize what was going on, but all of a sudden there was all this blood,” DeLuca said.

That’s when they noticed the puppy was seriously injured, they rushed him to the veterinary clinic where the staff informed them that he had received three bites from a snake on his right front leg, if Haus had not intervened, the snake may have attacked the girl and her grandmother.

The puppy’s life was in grave danger because the snake bite contains deadly venom. Doctors at BluePearl, an emergency veterinary hospital in Tampa, watched over his health.

They believe the bite was from an eastern diamondback rattlesnake, one of the most dangerous venomous snakes on the continent.

The little dog received a constant drip of antivenom, despite being in critical condition, Haus fought for his life and made it through. One of the doctors commented on the matter:

“It’s semi-miraculous. What keeps me going is that he still wags his tail every time he sees me go into his kennel, even though I know he’s in a lot of pain. I can tell his mentality is to keep going, his personality is just tremendous.”

While his recovery process was quite slow, the medical staff was confident that he would not have any permanent damage.

His family has been supporting him all along, even opening a GoFundMe account titled “Help Save Haus” that reached $52,000, surpassing their goal of $28,000. People from different parts of the world joined in the great mission to save Haus.

“Everyone’s generosity allowed him to live, we are very touched and overwhelmed. I have people from Sweden who donated, and I don’t even know anyone there.

This is also a good example for my children, to show them that there are good things in the world and that when you are struggling, people will help you,” added DeLuca.

All of their medical bills were covered thanks to donations from little people who were touched by their story.

The DeLuca’s are immensely grateful for all the support they have received, with the remaining money donated to Heidi’s Legacy Rescue, the shelter that took in Haus, and other local shelters that care for the most vulnerable dogs.

The family urges everyone to adopt adult dogs from the shelters; they, like the puppies, deserve to be loved and enjoy the love of a real family. Finally, DeLuca commented:

“People always want to adopt a puppy, because it’s a puppy. But adult dogs need a home too, I hope my story will encourage people to find their own Haus, who deserve a home just as much as a puppy.”

Puppies are those earthly angels willing to love us unconditionally and risk their lives for those they love so much Adopt!

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