Homeless cat takes care of feeding and caring for her disabled stray cat friend

A stray cat can be one of the most caring and sensitive creatures. It has suffered and gone through so much in the onslaught of the street and homelessness that when one of its peers needs its help, it will never fail to watch over it, offering love and comfort.

How much love do you think there can be between two animals? You would be surprised just to know how much these creatures can love, accompany and value each other. Today’s story is one of those that makes our hearts grow fonder, but ends with a happy ending.

Nabi and Norang were a pair of stray cats. Logically, when they lived on the streets they didn’t even have these names, they were just a couple of dirty, flea-bitten animals living in a neglected condition on the streets of South Korea.

Homeless cat Nabi, left, never lets his friend Norang, another stray, out of his sight.

Nabi, with a gray coat, cared for his beloved friend Norang like no other, and it was enough to see his companion walking to know the reason why.

Norang had an accident, they don’t know exactly how, but they think he may have been injured by a vehicle. This injury prevented him from using his hind legs in a normal way and he practically crawled.

His protection was absolute, especially since Norang was disabled.

Somehow Nabi knew that his friend was at a remarkable disadvantage and you can’t imagine what happened next….

This cat practically became his best friend’s guardian angel! Nabi was always there, ready to protect the handicapped kitty at all costs.

When they got a little food, often thanks to the good heart and courtesy of a woman who knew their situation and was constantly trying to help them, Nabi made sure that Norang ate well and that no one was there to threaten and bother him.

Even on some occasions, when other cats would prowl around the cardboard box where these two friends lived, Nabi would fiercely meet the intruders, ready to defend his territory and his inseparable cat companion at any cost.

Norang almost dragged his hind legs to get around.

But Nabi and Norang’s life was about to change for the better. The same woman who fed them contacted a rescue group, eager to help the kittens.

It wasn’t hard to catch them, but you can be sure that for both friends it was a very harrowing few days.

Their lives would change forever

A medical evaluation allowed them to see that Norang’s problem had hope and the cat underwent a successful operation that allowed him to regain mobility in his back legs, as well as to walk normally.

Of course the recovery was slow and both he and Nabi went through stressful times, but they were in the right hands….

Thanks to an operation, he regained his mobility and healed from his injury.

And the best was yet to come! The same woman who promoted their rescue was eagerly waiting for them at home… This pair of little friends would no longer have to worry about anything else.

Now Nabi and Norang have everything they longed for in life: love, protection and a home where they can accompany each other with the loyalty they have always had for each other.

This pair of unconditional friends deserved to have a life together until their last days.

This story is so cute that it is a real waste not to share it to recognize such a great rescue and the loyalty of the animals.

Nabi and Norang are two inseparable kittens with a heartwarming story:

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