Homeless dog flies 600 km to receive love in the last moments of her life

A homeless dog, she traveled 600 kilometers by plane to be loved and protected in the last moments of her life. It was a long journey, but she needed to make this trip so as not to leave for heaven without the warmth of someone who would love her unconditionally.

Despite the enormous work of rescuers and foundations dedicated to saving street dogs, there are so many that never manage to find a family. This was the unfortunate case of a dog named Ashlyn.

The puppy waited for a long time for the chance to have a family.

She spent most of her life at New England Humane Society. She was very sweet and loving, but for some strange reason no one seemed willing to give her the chance she so desperately needed.

Sadly, she was left by the wayside as she watched the other dogs at the shelter leave to start a new life of happiness with her family.

After many years, the Foundation’s employees began to notice that something was wrong with Ashlyn’s health. She was very weak and barely had enough energy to eat.

They took her to a veterinarian and found that her problems were much more serious than they had imagined.

The dog had terminal cancer and there were an alarming number of tumors growing all over her body. Given her delicate state of health, the veterinarians did not give her an encouraging prognosis.

The poor thing, who had not known the love she deserved, barely had a few weeks left. So they set to work to make sure that despite her condition, she could leave feeling loved.

She had only a couple more weeks to live, but the rescuers decided they would not let her leave this world without knowing the wonders that every little dog deserves.

They found a family willing to love her during her last days, but the problem was that they were more than 600 kilometers away. There was no time to waste so they contacted Paul Steklkenski.

This dedicated pilot is the founder of Flying Fur Animal Rescue. From the moment she boarded the plane, sweet Ashlyn had a wonderful time. Paul gave her treats whenever he saw her nervous and a couple of hours later he delivered her into the arms of her new mother, Tracy Lancer.

She has managed to get the delicate little dog to gain weight and be full of energy again. She doesn’t quite know how much time she has left, but what they do know is that she is now happy and loves to give kisses to her new family.

“Now she knows love. Whatever happens she will depart this world knowing that we love her dearly,” Tracy said.

We hope beautiful Ashlyn can continue to enjoy all the love she receives in her new home to the fullest, it’s a shame she had to spend her whole life in a shelter.

We want her sad story to become a source of inspiration to invite everyone to adopt and change forever the life of a puppy.

Just like this dog, there are many others who are waiting for a family and who need it more than ever. All homeless dogs deserve to have the opportunity to go to a home where they will be offered unstinting love regardless of their condition.

It is never too late to make a gesture of solidarity like this one, to give a little dog the joy of being loved. In zoorprendente we admire and applaud the work of this team of heroes who fought for Ashlyn to have a dignified departure, but above all, the comfort she needed so much in such a difficult time for her.

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