Homeless dog sits in the same spot every day waiting to be rescued

A homeless dog sits in the same spot every day waiting for someone to take pity on his suffering.

A pet rescue organization called Howl Of A Dog met a stray puppy in a village in Romania when they came to him to conduct a spay/neuter day.

The little dog noticed the arrival of these people, so he willingly approached them and they decided to name him Remy. He ran towards the rescuers, wagging his tail and looking for attention from anyone who would not look at him with indifference in order to help him.

This adorable dog could not ignore the presence of volunteers who came to help.

They immediately noticed that the young dog had a scar on his nose. According to Howl Of A Dog, the burn on his snout was the result of a cruel superstition among the people of this village.

Apparently they believe that if you do this to a dog’s nose, by placing a red-hot iron on it, you will prevent it from suffering from distemper.

The injury to Remy’s nose is the result of an outrageous belief in some villages in Romania.

What an outrageous belief! Despite the awfulness of this situation, Remy seemed to have successfully survived this abuse, and so many others that seem to be quite common in the locality.

Most dogs in rural Romania are considered guard dogs or protective “tools”.

For some reason unknown to the rescuers, Remy’s family ignored him and left him to fend for himself, effectively turning him into a stray.

Remy then wandered around town and slept outside a small grocery store where a kind shopkeeper fed him every day.

Remy received veterinary care, as well as affection and food.

Although the care he was given was conducive to his health and well-being, it was not enough to ensure that he was perfectly fine. Volunteers working at the shelter set out to find a home for the little dog.

Despite Remy’s friendly disposition, the rescue was unable to find anyone in the village to adopt him.

However, they would not give up until Remy knew the happiness of having the love of a family.

Every day Howl Of A Dog was in the village, Remy would run up to them happily, greeting them.

It’s as if he was waiting for them. It’s as if for the first time in his entire life, someone was taking him into consideration to give him the chance to have the love and protection of a family that loves him unconditionally.

It was hard for the rescuers to understand how someone had denied such a special and loving dog a second chance.

Instead of leaving the sweet dog on the streets, they decided to take him with them. Remy was happily placed in a temporary home, until the time comes when he can enjoy a family that decides to keep him forever.

Remy is now a very different dog, living happily in his foster home. He will always be pleased and grateful to those who helped him when he needed it most.

All dogs deserve to be loved unconditionally, and to be until their last breath in a home where they have protection, affection and where they are cared for.

A little love and the necessary attention were the perfect ingredients for this little one, who never stopped trusting, to receive a ticket to happiness, the one he so deserved and had not had.

How special Remy was always with his rescuers and his successful rehabilitation is documented in this video, and the scenes have touched thousands of people on social media.

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