Homeless dog visits the beach daily to find solace in watching the sunsets.

A homeless puppy finds solace in the beauty of the sunsets he contemplates on the beach and his images touch thousands of people.

Who doesn’t like to watch a beautiful sunset on the beach? Well, there is a sweet little dog that enjoys nature to the fullest and was captured by a photographer at the moment he was watching the sunset.

To the surprise of this person it turned out that the presence of the furry dog on the beach was not a mere coincidence.

The little dog is a fan of sunsets.

With dozens of bathers in the background, a little dog poses in front of one of the magnificent sunsets offered by the Mexican coast.

He is a homeless furry dog who often visits the beach known as ‘The Pearl of the Pacific’ in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

The workers in the area know him very well but the success of this furry dog in social networks is due to the photographs shared by Chema Robles, who works in the production of audiovisual material and is known in networks as “the photographer of the 10 pesitos”.

Apparently the little dog came across Chema’s lens one afternoon during a walk on the beach and aroused his curiosity. Although it is not uncommon to see homeless animals in these tourist spots, the young man was moved by the furry dog’s attitude.

The little dog seemed inspired in his exercise of contemplation. He was not looking for fun, attention or some food among the sunbathers, but had a more philosophical purpose.

The puppy’s purpose was to enjoy the sunset.

The little dog was enraptured looking out to the distant sea and that gesture touched Chema so much that the young man did not miss the opportunity to take out his camera and take a couple of pictures.

It was strange to him the tranquility that the little dog radiated from that secluded spot on the beach, it seemed that the creature wanted to distance itself from the world to find some peace.

How many times would we not want to do the same?

The dog’s golden back that was bathed by the sun’s rays captivated network users, after Chema decided to post the beautiful pictures in a Facebook group titled “Mexican Photographers” and exposed the story behind the images with the other members.

“We did you have a bad day? Come closer, come sit and watch the sunset with me,” wrote Chema in the post that received many compliments.

From these images it was learned that the little dog in question usually wanders along the boardwalk in search of food and affection but at the end of the afternoon he is seen absorbed in contemplating the sunset.

That must be a sacred moment for him, so for those who think that dogs have no sensitivity, they should meet this little dog.

People are moved by the sight of the meditative hound and he knows how to make the most of his fame.

Many users had their hearts stolen by the puppy’s tender look, so the blessings and positive comments for the furry one were not long in coming.

“They are so smart and beautiful. God bless this cool doggy and may he never lack that bright sunshine in his life.

A being that does value the important things in this world. The real gifts,” wrote one user on Facebook.

But it also caught the attention of some users who reported similar attitudes from other dogs they have met on different beaches around the world.

One from Peru and another in a tourist destination also in Mexico.

It seems that many times we underestimate animals and like this dog they have a particular wisdom that sometimes escapes our understanding. We have to thank the photographer who has made this dog’s story visible, because surely more than one swimmer will be kind to him when visiting the beach.

Let’s hope that soon it will not only be kindness, but that they will want to give him the protection of a home without this meaning that they will stop watching the sunsets at the edge of the boardwalk.


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