Homeless dogs Bella and Tara and an elephant named Tara remained close throughout their friendship

The story of Bella the dog and Tara the elephant is by far one of the most touching we’ve seen…

Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals in the world, but their particular charm is not only because they are able to process information almost as humans do, but also because they are very sociable. They love to stay in a herd and engage in the most curious relationships with animals of other species, no matter how different they are from their own.

The little dog and the elephant created one of the most emotional bonds that bring tears to the eyes of millions.

At The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, USA, they have almost 1,000 hectares where these beautiful animals can explore and live in freedom. But at the same time, the sick and elderly females are given a safe environment to live out their days, surrounded by experts who lavish them with the care they need.

All the elephants are adorable and get along very well with each other, but one in particular has developed a very special friendship, the story of which has broken the hearts of her keepers.

It is Bella, a little dog, and Tara, an elephant, who in a short time became inseparable.

Bella and Tara gave their caregivers the best moments as they walked, played, explored, ate, drank and even cuddled together.

Elephants communicate with each other through different sounds, to warn of possible dangers, but also to call their babies.

But one day the poor little dog injured her back and was unable to walk, so she had to be kept for three weeks in a special treatment center inside the sanctuary.

The news totally destabilized Tara the elephant, she was her faithful companion of adventures and suddenly she was left alone with no one to play with and no one to take a nap with.

Tara was overcome with sadness and refused to leave her friend. All that time, instead of wandering around her 1,000-acre habitat, Tara stood outside the treatment center waiting for Bella to come out and play again.

After being in the same place day after day, week after week, the 35-year-old elephant was finally reunited with her best friend Bella.

The reunion of this pair of friends moved the staff to tears

Tara didn’t know what else to do to show her friend Bella how much she had missed her.

But suddenly this beautiful story of true friendship was forever overshadowed. A coyote attacked the little dog Bella and sadly she did not survive. The staff found her body, but rarely were there any traces of blood, hair or fight nearby. And Tara, for her part, had blood on her body, so they immediately suspected it was her friend who found her injured and moved her elsewhere in an attempt to save her.

“The idea that she couldn’t leave that body and bring it back home is just heartbreaking, but very inspiring,” said Rob Atkinson, CEO of the sanctuary

But they’ve had to witness Tara’s life fade away.

“Certainly, her whole demeanor changed. She became more reserved, quieter, she was depressed.”

“We can’t cure her pain. The only thing that can help her are other elephant friends. They are one big family and they try their best to help each other during the storm,” a caregiver has said.

Even more heartbreaking was the sight of Tara the elephant standing at the grave and paying tribute to her deceased doggy friend.

This story that gives us endless lessons of the deep feelings that can fit in the hearts of these beautiful animals. Let’s hope poor Tara can find comfort to carry the pain of the loss of her friend. Fly high, Bella!

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