Horse recovers and is completely transformed after being rescued in the desert

A racehorse has been rescued in terrible conditions in the middle of a desert, its body was the reflection of having received unfair treatment for a long time.

It is unfortunate that many animals have to suffer at the hands of unscrupulous people who seem to love animals only when they are young, strong and healthy, and what is worse, for personal gain.

Abandoned racehorse in the desert enjoys a new opportunity.

After finding the helpless horse, authorities began an arduous search to find those responsible, however, they have not been able to find any clues that would lead them to the abusers.

Hope Ranch Arizona received a call about an abandoned horse in a nearby desert. Without hesitation, they approached the scene and could not help but be shocked to see it, all its ribs showing, it was a huge lump of skin and bones on the verge of perishing.

Allison Montano, horse trainer, and Misian Cory, rescuer, went to the place to give him all the help he needed. His state of neglect was such that they concluded that the horse had been trying to survive all alone for months.

They surmised that he had been wandering in the desert for six to four months, causing him to lose just over 250 kilos. Losing half the average weight of a racehorse. Montano commented on the matter:

“I’m amazed he made it this far. We were very worried that he wouldn’t make it through the first night, because of how thin and weak he was.”

Fortunately, the helpless horse’s fate took an unexpected turn thanks to his rescuers who did an incredible job to help him get through the night.

The little animal was taken in by Hope Ranch and from there began a long road to rehabilitation.

It would not be an easy road, even his caregivers feared he would not make it. Fortunately, the horse had gigantic inner strength and fought for his life.

“When we came across this sweet horse, he had apparently been left alone.

He seemed relieved and immediately started drinking from the water we brought him. I feel like he’s a blessing.

I feel like we have been a blessing to him and he is a blessing to the community,” Cory noted.

This brave horse was given the name Blessing, soon after his rescue his caretakers discovered that this was no ordinary horse, he was a thoroughbred racehorse.

Blessing had some distinct markings of this type of horse, including a tattoo under his lip and a mark on his side to let everyone know he was a racehorse.

Misian and Allison discovered that his racing name was Pleasing Dom and that he was born in 2012.

Fortunately, with his racing name, the authorities have a lead to be able to track down those responsible who left him in that condition. In this regard Cory highlighted:

“It just breaks my heart that anyone would do that to any living creature.”

The story of the brave horse who became a blessing to his rescuers and the entire community quickly became known.

Many people have reached out to the ranch to find out how he is doing and ask how they can help.

Since going viral, her caregivers opened a GoFundMe account where they received all the donations that helped defray the cost of her treatment.

“I’m so thankful he’s pulling through because he’s been such a blessing to deal with and he’s been so good.

You can tell he has a brighter light in his eyes now. He has hope,” Corey said.

We are thrilled to hear that this noble horse is enjoying a new lease on life. We are confident that he will continue to improve by leaps and bounds and will soon be the strong, indomitable horse he once was.

There are no impossibilities when a vulnerable animal meets wonderful people who do everything to rescue them, bring them back to life, and fill them with hope.

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