Hungry stray dog breaks in to “steal” some kibble and store owner reacts

A hungry stray dog can do anything to fill its empty tummy…

Some dogs are more greedy than others and this can become a problem for their health, if they steal food from the table, from the garbage or even from the street.

Not only because it could contribute to them being overweight, but also because they can eat something that hurts them, that is dangerous or poisonous for them.

But no one can blame this poor stray dog for his shrewd act.

In a video that is circulating through social networks, and which was captured in La Verde, Chaco, Argentina, a little dog is seen starring in an adorable assault.

However, it seems that the person in charge was very clear with the canine and allowed him to steal whatever he wanted. In fact, she left the dog food within his reach.

“She actually cares about the food health of the furry one, she doesn’t let him steal on purpose,” reads a comment from Mariel Galarza, who uploaded the video.

In the images shared by Mariel Galarza, it is clearly seen how this hungry furry dog sneaks into the grocery store, with the clear intention of committing a misdeed and taking some good loot to enjoy later.

Once he reached the place he began to sniff them out, in desperation. It seemed too easy a stroke of luck, so he kept an eye out for any possible traps. Once he took his trophy, he shot off with the stolen goods in his muzzle.

The crafty little dog already knew that at the bottom of the shelves is the succulent food wrapped in bags.

His plan was so successful that he has even become a celebrity among the users of social networks, who have been surprised by the agility, good sense and discretion of this unique and tender animal.

Watching the video, it even makes you want someone so adorable to steal from us too.

“No doubt, if someone ever has to suffer a robbery, let it be an adorable little dog like the protagonist of this video the perpetrator of the robbery,” commented an Internet user.

Many judge that he can’t even be called a thief, he takes what he needs to satisfy his hunger.

But also Mariel Galarza, who was in charge of the store and allowed him to do so, was full of praise.

Many are grateful for her good deed with this doggy bandit, since, far from attacking him or throwing him out into the street, she seemed to understand the animal’s hunger and left everything ready for when he made his spectacular appearance.

The truth of the matter is that a dog can steal food when its caregivers, out of indolence or carelessness, choose not to respect the regular feeding schedules. For that very reason, if he sees something to chew within his reach, he is more likely to steal it because of the uncertainty of not knowing when he will officially eat.

“Surpriseaa, in Pio Pio this client leaves without paying,” Mariel wrote next to the heartwarming video.

On the other hand, some specimens are excessively impulsive. They rush uncontrollably towards anything that attracts them and bite, bark or run away from the stimuli that displease them.

Now, if they are on the streets, besides feeding them, the best way to contribute and help them is to be responsible, sterilizing them to avoid homeless puppies and supervising them all the time so that they do not end up desolate and wandering around the cities.

For the time being, there are already people who want to contribute to the cause.

Such touching gestures with animals in need fill our souls. Always remember to love, care and respect animals.


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