Impossible rescue of a cobra trapped in a metal pipe

A group of volunteers in Pakistan worked for more than three hours to rescue a cobra that accidentally got stuck in a metal pipe at a construction site.

The snake, more than a meter long, entered through the end of the extremely narrow pipe and tried to find a way out on the other side through a hole, but it was so small that it got stuck, leaving part of its body outside.

When it was discovered, a quarter of its body was erect outside the pipe. The cobra was on the defensive, with its distinctive, showy neck extended, so it was necessary to handle the pipe very carefully to move the animal to safety, where it could be rescued.

In the video we can see how, at the beginning of this meticulous work, Subhendu Mallik, one of those in charge of helping this animal, offers it a transparent tube and induces it to seek refuge in it. The animal does not take long to slide its head inside and once it is immobilized and without risk of attack, the work of freeing it begins.

With absolute care and a lot of patience, the volunteers began to cut the metal tube, very close to the hole in which the snake was stuck. They constantly moistened the surface and supervised that the cut was just enough to pass through the material without injuring the reptile.

When they have created the necessary incision to be able to bend the tube and extract the cobra from it, a group of volunteers are ready to bend the object in question, always supervising that the body of the cobra remains unharmed.

Finally, when the hole expands a little, they begin to calmly extract the snake, until in a few minutes it is out of that accidental mishap. The video posted on social networks may only last a few minutes, but the truth is that the rescue took more than four hours.

The procedure was carried out at the Veterinary Department of Odisha Agriculture University, where Dr. Indramani Nath advised volunteers on how to cut the tube to free the snake.

The general secretary of the Snake Helpline institution was also involved in the rescue. In fact, it was his idea to put the reptile in a second plastic tube to ensure the safety of all the people involved in its rescue.

After emerging unscathed from this mishap, the cobra was released in a nearby forest. If you found this noble and meticulous rescue surprising, do not hesitate to share the news with your followers on social networks.

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