Kind-hearted German shepherd loves to be the best pillow for orphaned deer his mom rescues

The German Shepherd is a quite noble and protective kind of dog that is usually trained to perform as a police or therapy dog, given its intelligence and the docility of its heart.

But this time one in particular named Sarge did not need to receive any training to become the adoptive father of the orphaned or injured deer that come to his home, this is something that the boy does it from the soul.

This German Shepherd grows up surrounded by nature and therefore sympathizes with different wild animals.

Sarge is from Ohio, United States, and for nine years he has been the king of his owner’s house. From puppyhood his personality had been a bit grumpy, he liked to nip at his human’s feet when he wanted something and barked frantically when anyone dared to touch his belongings. But those uncontrolled doggy impulses changed when a new puppy came home.

From then on, the whole family dynamic changed.

The puppy’s mother, Cheryl Stephen, found an injured deer in the middle of the road and decided to help it by taking it in her arms, putting it in the car and taking it home.

On the way, the woman thought that living with Sarge could get complicated, but she had no choice but to help the injured animal, so she decided to go ahead with the rescue.

She soon became the best pillow for the orphaned deer.

The little dog seemed to understand that the creature was in trouble and was kind and considerate to the deer they christened Buckwheat.

“Something clicked in Sarge and he got close to Buckwheat instantly. He wanted to be involved in every aspect of his care. He took on the role of Buckwheat’s guardian. None of the other dogs could get near the baby,” said Cheryl Stephen.

Unexpectedly, the little dog took on the role of deer caretaker and his selfish, grumpy nature changed drastically.

Those toys that the canine hated to share with the other family pets immediately went into Buckwheat’s hands, thanks to Sarge himself, who lent them to him without any problem.

The little dog always wanted to stay by the deer’s side and protected him.

The furry one was by the creature’s side during its recovery and enjoyed like a loving and protective parent the moment the deer managed to get back on its feet.

“When we took Buckwheat outdoors, Sarge walked alongside him and kept him from wandering. As Buckwheat got older and started venturing out on his own a little more, we had Sarge look for him and bring him back home,” Sheryl explained.

After a few weeks, Buckwheat was fully rehabilitated and released but the rumor of Sheryl and her little dog helping the deer spread locally and then these types of visits became more and more recurring.

From one day to the next people started contacting Sheryl to inform her about animals in need and it was in this way that different deer started to parade through the house.

A situation that has the little dog not at all displeased.

Every time Sarge sees a new friend come home he knows to activate his protective spirit.

“When I walk in the door with a deer, Sarge springs into action. He wants to check them out and frantically sniffs and sniffs to determine their condition. The deer are attracted to Sarge and feel safe in his presence. Sarge doesn’t leave their side,” the owner explained.

Although this little dog and his human do their best to bring the animals through, some of them come home with injuries that are so difficult to treat or in such critical condition that they don’t make it. That’s a pretty painful situation for the German shepherd.

“He laments for days, with his head down and won’t eat. He has lain in the graves of his beloved deer and refused to come in,” Sheryl explained.

Although there are bad days in this work, it seems that the little dog overcomes the pain and like his owner feels the need to continue to help those who need it most.

Sarge has left behind his days as a capricious puppy and has become the sweetest and most supportive dog anyone can imagine, it seems that the deer have awakened the positive side of his personality.

No matter the differences, as long as there is love, there are many animals capable of connecting and being as supportive as we can imagine. Bravo for this little dog who is now an exemplary being.

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