Kitten abandoned for having different colored eyes and extra toes, lives very happy now

Although it breaks our hearts, many animals are despised at birth for having certain differences, and that is what happened to a beautiful white kitten who, after suffering so much rejection, is now shocking her followers on social networks.

She is a little ball of love whose life changed dizzyingly almost two years ago, when she was rescued by the volunteers of an organization.

The kitten was abandoned by her owners for having different eyes.

This little furry New Yorker was born with some characteristics that made her quite unique: first, her eyes are different colors, but she also has more little fingers than normal.

It seems that this caused the kitten to end up on the street, who had her in her care decided to abandon her and the volunteers of the city’s animal rescue center saved her at the beginning of last year.

They did not see the kitten’s “faults”, but her need.

Sansa was just another little animal looking for love and protection, and fortunately she found all of that at the center where she ended up.

A few months after her rescue, the kitten was rehabilitated and ready to find a home, so the volunteers set to work to find the right person.

As it turned out, one woman became very attached to Sansa and decided to adopt her.

This Samaritan was a 33-year-old medical consultant named Karen. She and her husband met the kitten at an adoption event held by the organization, and were completely smitten with the feline’s little face.

The woman knew from the first moment that Sansa was special and didn’t intend to leave her alone.

By the time Karen met the cat, her name was Sonw and a sign on her cage warned that she was suffering from anxiety.

Luckily, the woman could relate.

“I felt an immediate connection with her because I suffer from anxiety and I knew I wanted her to be part of our family even before I saw her. Imagine my surprise when I realized she had different colored eyes and extra fingers,” the woman explained.

Once she was brought home, the kitten began a slow process of adaptation. Sansa was very shy and used to hide behind the TV so no one would bother her.

The creature only came out of her hiding place at feeding time. That behavior lasted longer than everyone thought and it was at that moment that Karen suspected that something was wrong with the kitten.

Somehow the medical consultant wasn’t wrong.

It turns out that Sansa was diagnosed with feline hyperesthesia, a rare condition that affects nervous or highly stressed cats.

At that point another trial began for the feline.

“Shortly after arriving home, we noticed that Sansa was exhibiting strange behaviors in which her back would roll uncontrollably, followed by attacking her tail several times a day. She seemed to be in pain every time she rolled her back and we couldn’t understand why. We had never seen a cat do this,” the woman explained.

After recording the kitten’s strange episodes, Karen showed them to a veterinarian. After that, they performed some tests and found the diagnosis.

The specialist tried different treatments, but it was CBD oil for pets that controlled the situation. After this, the kitten’s behavior changed radically, Sansa brought out her charisma.

She became a friendlier kitty.

Now this little girl feels completely at ease with her parents and is not afraid to wake them up at 6 o’clock in the morning to ask for food.

Sansa is now the darling of the family, although it took her several months to fully adapt.

Now, Karen manages an Instagram account where she shares her kitty’s antics and her followers love her.

Although for the woman fame was not in her plans, she recognizes that she is happy with the receptivity of the public and thus transmits them a clear message about the importance of giving a chance to animals with special conditions.

“What makes her special, makes it a little easier to get people’s attention, to raise awareness and advocate for the adoption of cats with special needs,” explained the Samaritan.

There is no doubt that we all have something to learn from this story and that is why Karen decided to share her experience as the owner of a very special kitty. The world needs to know more cases like this.

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