Kitten celebrates his 19th birthday after being left in a shelter and is adopted shortly before leaving

Every kitty deserves to be by his family’s side forever. However, sometimes life is not fair and best friends have to go their separate ways, as happened to a cute feline when his human mom got old.

This kitten never imagined he would be separated from his mother.

The kitten’s human loved him so much that she was always looking out for his welfare, and when it was time for her to enter an assisted living facility, she took the foresight to take her pet to Cincinnati Animal CARE, an animal shelter in Ohio, USA.

Sammy’s human mother, as the charming white kitten is called, didn’t want to part with him but couldn’t take him with her. She organized everything in time to keep him safe and secure.

She gave the shelter staff all the animal’s information, including his birthday, and that’s how they found out that he was about to turn nineteen. And she said goodbye to her pet with a little more peace of mind because she knew he was in good hands.

The shelter staff couldn’t help but love Sammy because he was a real sweetheart of a cat.

The people who were in charge of his care were delighted with the elderly feline and came up with the idea of organizing a surprise birthday party for him to celebrate such an important date. In this way they took advantage of the occasion to promote Sammy’s adoption process.

In spite of his advanced age, he was in good health, except for a slight heart murmur and a small mass under his ear, but according to the veterinarian, he did not need medication and could continue with his life normally.

Although felines are not usually very expressive, Sammy broke all expectations and turned out to be the most charismatic cat.

As for his character and personality, he was a real charmer, captivating everyone who met him. He loved cuddles and hugs, something that is actually not very common in other felines. Without a doubt, Sammy deserved a big birthday party.

The people who work at the shelter took care of everything and took care of the details, the decoration of the place, the gifts and the photos that were going to be published. They put a beautiful hat on Sammy’s head, and put in front of him the treats that Sammy likes so much. The kitten was happy, his cute little face reflected his enormous satisfaction.

The party was a great success and the next day Sammy was adopted.

The best of all is that the purpose of attracting potential adopters gave full result, the day after the party a lot of people were interested in the kitten and contacted the shelter. They were able to choose the one they considered to be the right one to keep Sammy.

In view of the success of the strategy used to find a family for the birthday boy, and that many people continued to express their desire to adopt Sammy, the shelter began to publicize the other felines who also dream of a home.

The publication went viral and Internet users expressed with emotion the joy that the kitten’s luck gave them. One after another, messages overflowed with tender words and congratulations for Sammy, while praising the person who adopted the feline.

It’s time for all of us to internalize the importance of adopting a kitten. By contacting Cincinnati Animal CARE, you can help give kitties who have had a rough time in their lives a new lease on life.

For his part, Sammy is not complaining about his luck, he is pleased, has beautiful memories of his holiday and the love of a family that adores him, and won’t stop giving him the kisses and hugs he loves so much.

Sammy passed away a few days after he was adopted because of his own age. But his memory will always live on in the hearts of those who knew his story.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, especially for friendly, furry creatures like Sammy. Fly high, beautiful kitty!

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