Kitten charms the world with her rare two-colored eyes, half blue and half brown

A kitten is dazzling in the networks because of the color of her eyes that makes her even more beautiful.

While many times a beautiful feline can captivate with her eyes due to heterochromia, a malfunction in the production of melanin that causes her to have one blue and one yellow eye, in our beautiful protagonist her condition is even rarer.

The kitten lives in Derby, UK.

This is the story of Olive, an adorable kitten who does not stop conquering hearts due to the striking color of her eyes.

She was born with sectorial heterochromia iridis, a genetic condition that causes her eyes to have two shades, that is, each eye is divided into a blue and a yellow hemisphere.

Her genetic condition reveals her incredible multicolored eyes.

The kitten has two shades in her eyes, which are half brown and half blue. Being an all-white fluffy furball her eyes are further enhanced, making her look incredibly beautiful.

Her mother, Kim, says that when she adopted Olive she never imagined that her eye color would change so drastically.

She is a kitty who loves to have all the attention.

The sweet kitty’s mother stressed that she adopted Olive to be a playmate for her three other cats, she was just a kitten when she first brought her home, so she was unaware of the condition that sweet Olive was suffering from. Kim said:

“I was looking for another kitten to join the family. I wanted a happy kitty that would fit in with the others.”

This genetic condition primarily affects white cats due to their low melanin levels.Over time his eye color began to change. Fortunately, the genetic condition does not create any health problems, so this adorable kitty leads a completely healthy and happy life.

A spoiled kitty who gets very jealous if she is not given all the attention when she asks for it.

Her biggest drawback is being incredibly beautiful and catching the attention of everyone who beholds for the first time the perfect combination of shades in her eyes.

“I didn’t pick her for her eyes. It was quite dark when I picked her up, the lady held her up to the light and said she might have strange eyes. I didn’t know how her eyes would change,” Kim said.

The popularity of this beautiful kitten has grown so much that her mother decided to open an Instagram account for her, she already has more than 21 thousand followers from all over the world.

Kim is daily making updates for all her fans to contemplate her enigmatic look.

The color of her eyes makes her look much more mysterious.

Kim assures that as time goes by the tone of her eyes becomes more and more intense, causing her look to become much more mysterious.

This somehow causes more curiosity in people who for the first time contemplate her and seem to get lost in her gaze.

This adorable kitty is not only visually eye catching but loves to always be cuddled by her mother, she is very spoiled and a bit territorial, so she will do her best to be most of the time in Kim’s arms.

“Olive is quite a naughty kitty and gets very jealous if I give her attention to any other cat. She loves belly rubs, belly rubs, chin rubs and anything else. She would rather eat cake than cat treats.”

Olive is a sweet kitty who exudes beauty and elegance. Her genetic condition made her different, and different will always be beautiful to behold.

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