Kitten destroys its owner’s hearing aids and repentant gives him a snake as replacement

What would you say if your cat exchanged your hearing aids for a snake? Well, that’s what happened to Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani, a young man from Indonesia. No one believed him until he told his story in a Facebook group called: “Kami Pecinta Kucing”, where as expected, it went totally viral.

The little kitten, barely 8 months old, was playing with headphones on his owner’s bed. He saw how in seconds, his beloved furball began to bite his headphones, until he broke them in half.

As expected, Haryanto’s anger and rage were noticeable, resulting in a strong scolding for the little cat, who ran away in a panic so as not to have to receive the challenge from his owner.

The kitten destroyed his owner’s headphones, but returned repentant with a snake as a replacement.headphones

“I was really angry to see my headphones destroyed,” commented Pherwhirra

However, the little cat had a surprise in store for Haryanto (and for us too) as, upon returning home, he did so with what he evidently thought he could replace the headphone cord: a snake. Yes, a snake!

The strange thing for everyone, is that in that area are not common this kind of reptiles, but evidently our feline must have looked very well to receive forgiveness from his master and compensate in some way the damage he had caused him.

Here the damaged hearing aids

In his Facebook group post, Haryanto related:

“Earlier today, the cat was playing with my headphones on my bed, when he accidentally cut it in two. I scolded the cat and he left the house after that. When he came home an hour later, he brought me a treat.”

Cats are often hunters, and it’s not hard for them to surprise us with mice or birds that they hunt in truly amazing ways if we have the time to watch them at that instinctive task.

But snakes are not on the frequent menu of cat surprises, hence the level of surprise from Haryanto and also from his internet friends who celebrated the fact on their social networks with more than 9,000 likes and 6,500 shares.

The question we ask ourselves is that, if at only 8 months of age our little friend already hunts snakes, what can we expect from him when he is two years old and reaches adulthood.

Hopefully he will keep his instinct indelible and go hunting as many times as he wants, and that way his beloved human can rest assured that he will not run into undesirable animals and insects in his home.

With an innocent face he apologized to the small and thin snake he brought as a spare and simply dropped it.

Some of the Facebook users praised the cat, saying he was quite smart and wanted to make it up to his owner. They also laughed at the cat’s expression, as it looked guilty and apologetic, and asked Haryanto to please forgive the kitty.

In addition, they also said that the cat could have returned the snake as if it was a replacement wire for the ones it broke, as it was long and thin, like a cable.

Haryanto, for his part, bought new headphones after that incident, but the mischievous cat played with them and damaged them again.

However, Haryanto said he no longer dared to scold the cat, lest it bring him another snake again to apologize!

Let’s hope he has learned that headphones are not to be chewed. Anyway, hopefully we can continue to get stories of this cute Indonesian kitten and his master.

Kittens are the most adorable and unpredictable creatures, if you have one at home you will know that this is just one of the many mischiefs you can enjoy by his side.

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